San Antonio Business Sec of paper


Open it up this am and what do I see in COLOR, most of the page and the Bus Section???

RuPaul Drag Con convention in Ca…WTH does this do with Business in SA, Tex or National.

Reporter drooled over it, how much fun, neat, keen, cool…B U L L S H I T, keep it in Ca just give me the Bus news…


THat’s what this current OBSESSION with switch-hitting, backdoor-entry, surgical-mutilation and crossdressing is all about.

Liberals get all tingly thinking about it. Which suggests to me that they’re deranged - liberalism is a mental illness; we can see that; and I would submit that homisexual tendency is correlated to mental illness. Look at well-known homosexuals - starting with Bawney Fwank, and then on to Liberace and any other you care to entertain…they ain’t wrapped too tight.

Not saying it causes or is caused by mental illness - I’m saying it is CORRELATED. Liberalism, on the other hand, is evidence of mental aberration.

So now, genitally-obsessed liberals control this newspaper and they feel free finally to act out on their impulses. There is only one thing to do: CANCEL it. Find another source for news, real news - or else do without; because you are not getting news there.


The lefts obsession with deviant sex is what is crazy. I believe ObuttBoy rides the caboose. As I have posted before…what is Nextel? Sex with children!