San Antonio

*Ten soldiers and Biden ain’t coming,
Border crossers on the go,
Forget about global warming,
Fifty dead in San Antonio
Sung to the tune of “Ohio” by Crosby,Stills, Nash and Young…with no apologies

Biden does not care about who dies on the border. He figures most or the survivors are going to be Democrat voters. That’s why the border is open.

Biden is the coldest man to hold the presidency since Richard Nixon. He’s easily the most dishonest. He makes Nixon look like a paragon of virtue.

Have you ever been to the border? It’s highly militarized. It takes 8 hours to cross on foot, and you need documentation to get in. If you go by car it takes 4 hours and the simplest thing can get you turned around. Most illegals fly in and overstay a tourist visa.

If the border is closed, why has there been a record number of crossings this year? You can mouth the Biden administration line, but no one who is following the news will believe you.

You could apply to be Biden’s press secretary, but you are the wrong gender, color and are not gay or trans.

So is Obama to blame for that all time low in 2011? Looks like the bush/clinton years were the worst and it looks like Trump had a really bad year in 2019. Biden appears to have had a bad year in 2021. So do presidents really control border policy? Or is the ebb and flow of economics and geography? Why is inflation higher in England when they have had a conservative government for 12 years?

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A President, who refuses to enforce the law, bears the responsibility, @Unitedwestand. Why do you support the open border and make excuses for Biden? Do you really love the guy and the Democrat Party that much? Does the welfare of the country and its citizens ever cross you mind?

Biden should be impeached and convicted for his border politics alone. When he put his hand on the Bible and swore “to protect and defend the constitution of the United States,” he told a bare faced lie.

Right. All those pics of illegals coming over on foot (or children being thrown over the fence) are just figments of our imagination…