San Diego Mayor Urges Jury Nullification in Medical Marijuana Case



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T]( is the kind of stuff that gets me excited. Not only can unjust, victimless crimes be smacked down by the good members of a community, but unconstitutional federal intrusions into state sovereignty as well.


I completely agree with jury nullification. However, it would’ve been nice if I could’ve deciphered more if what the mumbly-pegs mayor was saying. Yikes! Speak up!

And in the end of things, I still have no idea what this case is about.

I’m guessing some guy got arrested for possession of marijuana where it’s legal to be in possession of marijuana with an affidavit or prescription from a doctor, and he had both?
Is that right?


The article says Mr. Chang was arrested in 2009 by the feds for operating a medical marijuana dispensary.


Sorry, BF. Didn’t notice there were 2 links, one for the article and one for the vid.

I wish some one would point out that part in the Constitution that gives the federal government the authority to make a substance illegal. Even alcohol prohibition took a special amendment. States can do so, but I don’t think the feds have that authority.
How long has it been since people have forgotten that their job is to protect people’s rights; not trample them?
OR that the feds don’t have the authority to over-rule a State’s decision?

IAC, jury nullification is the proper way to go here.
Think they’ll get the message?

(I don’t ask for much, do I? lol)