San Francisco gives drugs, alcohol to homeless addicts in hotels during coronavirus, sparking debate

Who is arrested in the event that someone overdoses?

Rumor has it that some of the ‘representatives’ are threatening to take over any hotels that don’t give free rooms for the homeless!

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ANNNND just where is Nancy Pelosie? Isn’t this sludge pit her bailiwick? However, the people who keep electing the wicked witch of the west, are getting exactly what they want, and I hope they choke on it.

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Nancy Pelosi? She has been getting her 200th face lift and showing off her vast collection of gourmet ice cream. Both things are more important to her than the country.

Here is a truly scary thought. If President Trump and Vice President Pence were to die without a replacement appointed, she would be President. Maybe that’s why she is hanging around her ice cream freezer at home.

Nothing surprises me anymore. Our country is drowning in immoral self-indulgence brought on by the socialist/communist influence in schools from kindergarten through college. We are now seeing the results. Our children are pickled in Marxist theology and left-wing indoctrination. I’ve said for decades now that if parents don’t want their children to become little commie robots, they need to take them out of the public school system. But, the “advantages” of public school is too alluring to parents these days.

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