San Jose: Judge won’t throw out Trump supporters’ negligence suit over rally melee


San Jose: Judge won’t throw out Trump supporters’ negligence suit over rally melee
PUBLISHED: March 15, 2017 at 1:31 pm | UPDATED: March 16, 2017 at 5:19 am

“We look forward to pursuing discovery in this case — getting to the bottom of why this situation happened, holding the city liable for what happened to these individuals and ensuring this type of tragedy doesn’t happen again,” said San Francisco attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon, who is representing 20 plaintiffs.

The lawsuit, filed in July 2016, claimed San Jose officials allowed Trump supporters to be attacked by directing them to walk through a “violent mob” of protesters as they left a downtown Trump rally on June 2. It alleged negligence and civil rights violations.

Dhillon’s clients have alleged police officers, who wore full riot gear, looked on while Trump supporters were brutally attacked.

“It felt like we were the lamb being led to the slaughterhouse,” said Juan Hernandez, a Trump supporter and Log Cabin Republican who suffered a broken nose. “I went down into a fetal position and the punches were coming in at every angle. The officers weren’t doing anything as the attacks were happening. This should not happen anywhere — no matter who you support, Democrat or Republican — this should not happen.”

This lawsuit wades into complicated territory. Police are protected from lawsuits where they are unable to provide protection due to response time or not being somewhere 24x7. What makes this lawsuit different is that the police were on site where the attacks happened, and had directed the victims to go through the area where they were attacked. I do not know whether there are any laws or cases that address this kind of situation.


Wrong, just wrong, but wait, I have a solution and it works so well that it will bring to a halt ALL of this crap:

CCL (Concealed Carry License) and carry this, approx 5 lbs with 7 .50 CAL AE in the mag.

Wanna get violent, then stare down this tube…½ INCH


What the moron pols ordering police officers to hold back and let things happen don’t realize is that if police don’t do their jobs - for whatever reason - private citizens will defend themselves, and things will get a lot messier very quickly.



The problem is, however, when citizens DO defend themselves and it “gets messy,” the Berserkely police will THEN “step in” and likely arrest those being attacked!


True. That’s part of the getting messy, sadly. The violent Hate-Trumpers aren’t going to back down. Further, every time a PD declines to do its job - like in San Jose, like in Berserkeley - it encourages them to escalate their violence. What should have happened is the violent protesters should have received some violence-discouraging bruises and jail time. “Messy” encompasses citizens defending themselves (not always knowing and complying with the letter of the law), Hate-Trumpers experiencing consequences more serious than bruises, and their self-defending targets having to defend themselves in criminal court.


FACT, ever citizen in America has the right to defend themselves against violence and when faced with overwhelming odds like in this case, the overwhelming force is the only thing that works.

In my travels, I was passing thru a town one morning around 3 am when a couple of cars started following me. On the outskirts, just past about the last traffic light, I stopped and just as I took off one of the cars pulled around in front of me cop style, blocking me and and was not blocked from behind. I was by myself, I got out of the car, standing in the open door. There were about 8 young men and one who seemed to be the leader said they wanted money and I said no, I am traveling thru this state, I carry very little money as I put everything on a charge card. He said we will take what you got and and what do you have that is valuable? By now the semi circle around me is tight and close.

Earlier that eve I had had a flat tire and the tire iron that came with the car for some reason I had laid it in the space between the door sill and the drivers seat. Then taking the initiative I said: I know there are a lot of you and just one of me, but before you take me down me and this tire iron will send one of you to the hospital if not more, now who wants to be first and as I said that, I looked directly at the leader and I took a step forward. Suddenly he says we were messin with you, wondering about your Texas plates and you know man is 3 am. I said I am a Capt in the Army and traveling to Ft Bumchuck. LOL now it gets funny, the leader says, Army is ok, I gots a brother in the Army and you know there is a good place to eat that is open all night back in town, how about we buy you some breakfast ya know. He looks around and I see all these guys diggin in the pockets…IIRC I got about $12 bucks or so and this was back in the 70’s. I took the money, then they wanted to shake my hand and I headed off into the sunrise.

Point being that one person with a means of defending themselves and the intent to use it and make a lot of folks back down. Most bullies and gangs are nothing but cowards in real life.

That said, today things are a bit different, I tire iron spoke loudly then but today, there have been 3 intrusions at the WH in the past 9 days and who knows the true motives. If you don’t have a CCL, you should have and especially if your a woman.

We hear the term being used almost daily “First Responders” and of course the police lap it up, the the reality is they are NOT the first responders and in fact are often not even the second. The first responder is YOU, no one else. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away…