Sanders: Israel ‘Indiscriminately’ Killed 10,000 Palestinians


Bernie Sanders claimed recently that “over 10,0000 innocent” Palestinians were killed by Israelis during the summer 2014 Gaza War as the result of an “indiscriminate” military operation.

These figures are much higher than those accepted by any side of the conflict.

The Democratic primary candidate acknowledged to the New York Daily News that he wasn’t sure if those numbers were exactly accurate.

“Anybody help me out here, because I don’t remember the figures, but my recollection is over 10,000 innocent people were killed in Gaza. Does that sound right?” Sanders said in an interview with the newspaper’s editorial board on Monday.

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This man is clearly an idiot. Palestine a place composed of people who school their children to hate Jews and whose citizens have been knifing people recently along with their constant rocket attacks and other attacks. Israel has shown a lot of restraint against a people who have refused to come to terms and set up a two state solution. A people who whine about not having enough food because any money they get is spent on weapons.

Sanders is showing that he does not understand reality and is playing to the anti-jew crowd that has grown around obama and company.


Sanders killed 10,000 chickens in Kentucky before frying them…


Tiny, please. Neither Israel nor Palestine has cooperated with attempting to set up a two-state solution, what with Israel encroaching and building settlements past the pre-1967 de facto border. Israel is not some paragon of patience here.


Before ~2011 the Israelis were, they abandoned the Gaza Strip, froze settlement construction in the West bank and moved people out.

They helped set up the Palestinian authority in Gaza, and gave it autonomy… only for it to collapse practically over night, and for the Palestinians to answer their overtures with rocket fire.

> what with Israel encroaching and building settlements past the pre-1967 de facto border. Israel is not some paragon of patience here.

… Eh, “patience” doesn’t enter into it. Israel entered into the “1967 borders”, because at the time, foreign nations were using those areas as a firebase to attack Israel proper. East Jerusalem was stormed for the same reason.


Talk about spin. Decades apart doings but lead on McDuff


So let me get this straight. You’re saying sending/encouraging suicide bombers & knifers, kidnappers, and rocketings by the hundreds or thousands and “encroaching and building settlements past the pre-1967 de facto border” are morally akin? That’s like comparing some one with chipped fingernails to some one who “washed” their hands in sewer sludge! If I were to say what I think of such disproportionate “reasoning” I’d have to Infract myself!

Israeli leaders should refuse to be within 5 miles of bad-faith Pali-Arab “negotiators”!


You understate a little. When Israel started the 1967 Six Day War their attack preempted a planned coordinated attack by Egypt, Jordan, and Syria (Egypt had gone so far as to instruct the UN to remove its “Peace Keepers” from the Gaza Strip). The same was true, BTW, of the 1956 war. While Israel eventually won the 1973 Yom Kippur War, it started with a coordinated multi-nation assault on Israel that almost did wipe Israel off the map, demonstrating how effective multi-nation 2 or 3-front attacks might have achieved in 1956 or 1967 (when IDF was much less well equipped and might not have recovered from the initial attacks).


Looks at my post

Nope, I didn’t say that. I said that neither Israel nor Palestine has cooperated in the formation of a two-state solution.


It’s a distinction without a practical difference, Trekky. The Pali-Arabs have demonstrated, murderously, that any negotiating they do is a sham with murderous intent. My concluding sentence in that post was: ‘Israeli leaders should refuse to be within 5 miles of bad-faith Pali-Arab “negotiators”!’ I do see an error in that sentence. I should have said, Israeli leaders should refuse to be within 5 miles of murderous bad-faith Pali-Arab “negotiators”! IOW, Pali-Arabs behavior makes a “two-state solution” a suicidal “solution”. Every US President who has urged or arm-twisted or blackmailed Israel into such negotiation was foolish and wrong, or worse (more probable in BHO’s case).


Yasser Arafar rejected the 2000 Camp David offer from Ehud Barak of a two state solution which included Gaza and initially 73% of the West Bank with eventual expansion to 90%, sovereignty over all Moslem and Christian holy sites and three of Jerusalem’s four Old City quarters. He made no counter offer. Cooperation and flexibility has been very one sided.


Arafat had a nasty habit of talking how he wanted peace while ordering attacks, meanwhile he stashed millions of money given in his own accounts.


Peace for the Arab-Palis will be when all Jews in the land are slaughtered, possibly plus or minus a few sex slaves. The Arab-Pali factions will still be slaughtering each other, but they’ll still call it peace.

I don’t hate the Arab-Palis or neighboring Arab countries. I’m just speaking bluntly about their behavior of the past nearly 70 years. I could - and do - add that:

  • The Arab-Palis did nothing during the centuries when the Ottoman Turks occupied Palestine, so it’s not being “occupied” that they are fighting, it’s Jews;

  • Arab-Palis’ (the Palestinian Authority’s) textbooks are filled with @#$% poisoning the minds of their children with hatred for Jews.

It’s sad, but the so-called “Two State Solution” is a delusion of Euro and North American politicians that has cost 100s, if not 1,000s, of non-combatant Israeli lives and 1,000s, if not 10,000s, of non-combatant Arab-Pali lives (between unavoidable civilian casualties when Israel responded to shellings, rocketings, and kidnappings and casualties of Arab-Pali on Arab-Pali strife).