Sanders speaking at Vatican City, will Panama Papers help him take presidency?


I try and be fair to all, I don’t think Bernie even appreciates how his economic and social views can be harmful.
He is at the Vatican City speaking his message, though the Pope cannot meet him apparently.

In addition, the release of the Panama Papers that expose money sheltering around the world is going to help his campaign immensely as he can point at it as further evidence of the “rigged” economy as he puts it.
I agree you go after tax cheats and as in all walks of life, accountability is important, but his belief in big government intervention, heavy regulations and socialism will absolutely ruin America. He might not appreciate it now, but he will.

If this election comes down to Trump/Sanders, I will eat my hat.


I suggest ketchup if it does.


What is Bernie doing at the Vatican??? Talk about a fish out of water… I hope they fumigated the Vatican after he left.


He was invited. No need to be so harsh.


He probably wanted to discuss the proliferation of socialism with the Pope, who is also a socialist.
This pope has me seriously considering leaving the Catholic Church.


Sanders and the pope conrade in arms


I know, I understand completely. But, hang in there. There have been really bad popes before who did much worse than this pope. So far, he hasn’t tried to change anything doctrinally, so as long as he skips happily along with his liberation theology in non-dogmatic or doctrinal areas, I can live with that. Bad popes are no reason to leave the Church. Remember, it is God’s Church, not ours or the pope’s. He knows what He is doing.