Sanders Still Supporting Hillary


Bernie Sanders said he will still support Hillary Clinton for president despite leaked emails that showed Democratic Party leaders privately planned to undermine his presidential campaign.
“No, no, no,” Sanders said in response to a question on NBC’s “Meet the Press” about whether the emails affect his support of the presumptive Democratic nominee.

This election cycle is going to be one to remember. He we ave Sander’s who knows now that the democrats plotted against him still supporting Hillary and on the other end we have Cruz who for personal reasons refused to back Trump.

Now in both cases mud was slung and the fighting got viscous. One thing that is evident is that in both cases the parties worked against the candidates and yet the democrats stood together in the end.

As for the followers of each candidate time will tell if they will gyrate toward the eventual candidate or work against them. There is still talk of undermining Trump and replacing him with Crux.


So many ways to look at this story. Like: of course he supports her because lying & cheating is “normal” (he just wishes he thought of it first).
He realizes that she was just doing a practice run of cheating before the election.
The end justifies the means.
She will reward him with a job (or cash from her foundation).
To me it kind of puts a spotlight on the whole Cruz thing (which I posted about on another post). Like him or not Cruz stuck by his guns. One could say that he might have principles, maybe not smart but principles. Heck maybe the big difference between the 2 parties isn’t socialism & capitalism? Maybe its that one party has individuals with principles & the other party doesn’t.


Shows how STUPID he really is…he is selling out himself, his supporters and our American values. Now the Ruskys and all the countries we have helped can point and say: “yea but your country is corrupt, your NATIONAL elections are rigged and your people are wasting their votes, the fix is in, so take your America values and stick them were the sun don’t shine”

This is really a SHOCKING time and history books will speak of it, the LATE GREAT America was as corrupt as some 2-bit banana republic…


Sanders was never in this race to get the Democratic presidential nomination. He was there to push Hillary further to the left, and he has succeeded. The cat was out of the bag when he refused to use her emails as a campaign issue at one of the early debates. Sanders is just an old communist who is out to increase the power and scope of government. He dream is worldwide communism under one government. Given his age and lack of talent, pushing the narrative to the left about all he can do, and he has done it well.


This whole election process just boggles the mind when you think on both sides of the aisle, all the corruption and cronyism and folks just believe this is the norm and keep putting these people back in.
I just read where George Soros was DIRECTLY responsible for instigating the democrat underhanded tactics on both Bernie Sanders AND the attacks on Trump. And is responsible for other unrest in various parts of the world. Now this may be a bit far fetched but to be perfectly frank, I would not be surprised. WE know that George Soros has bought the Democratic players, and he is directly promoting the nations without borders, so my guess is Obama is the man he has owned since college. There are tales still to be told from those twentythousand plus Emails.