Sanity wins: School tosses principal’s ban on Santa, Pledge of Allegiance

Sanity — and Santa — have been restored at a Brooklyn public elementary school where St. Nick was banned, the Pledge of Allegiance was dropped and Thanksgiving was replaced with a “harvest festival.”
The good news arrived at PS 169 in Sunset Park on Monday morning, a day after The Post exposed the bizarre PC extremism of Principal Eujin Jaela Kim.
District 15 Superintendent Anita Skop stormed in the front door at 9:50 a.m., and minutes later, two fifth-grade boys were brought to the main office to lead a recital over the public address system of the Pledge of Allegiance, teachers told The Post.

Sanity wins: School tosses principal’s ban on Santa, Pledge of Allegiance | New York Post

Liberals who want to destroy this nation’s values and national pride should never be in positions of power


This lady went to the extreme and she shouldn’t be surprised at such a response considering how absurd she was acting. She was acting as if a character out of he book 1984.

I can imagine a bunch of kids in the schoolyard at recess screaming “USA! USA!” as they ran to the soccer field. “Finally, freedom and fun!”

Can some of this sanity be imported to San Jose?

Unless the school used a pseudonym for the one parent who complained, the school exposed her and her child to the possibility of unpleasantry. Unless that parent or child had made their complaint known school-wide already, I do not think using the parent’s true name was appropriate, for the sake of the child.

Wow, so common sense is still alive.

But is the principal still in her job? Nothing changed if she is.

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It seems the true crime is in how The Post and others have spun this.

"Authorities say discussions about Thanksgiving and Christmas were never banned from a Brooklyn public school, and that the school had simply misinterpreted guidance for holiday displays sent to all schools that says such displays should not endorse one particular religion or belief system.
PS 169 principal Eujin Jaela Kim came under fire after the New York Post reported the principal had forbidden mention of the holidays and banned the use of Santa Claus in holiday displays.

Authorities say the backlash stemmed from a misunderstanding that has been rectified.
Guidelines from the Department of Education state the primary purpose of any displays should be to promote understand and respect for the rights of all individuals regarding their beliefs, values and customs. They say any holiday symbol or decoration must be displayed simultaneously with other symbols and decorations that reflect different beliefs or customs. "

Hardly a shocking crime. Mountain out of a molehill.

Yes. Not true.

Ha! I remember when that story first came out. I was so mad, I found the school website, got her school phone number and email, and tweeted them both to kingdom come. I sure hope I had something to do with this new development.