Sara Shephard is an Amazing Writer

I love a lot of things Sara Shepard writes especially the Lying Game Series and the Pretty Little Liars Series. Both of these are amazing and they keep making you want to read it until the end. I have stayed up late so many times just to finish one of them because they keep you on the edge of your seat. The Lying Game series is about these two twin girls, one that was given to the mom’s parents at 1 because she didn’t want to keep her and the other stayed with the mom until she was 5 and was abandoned by her. She was in foster homes ever since. These girls have never met one another and one day Emma is shown a video of Sutton being strangled almost to the point of death. She ends up finding her on Facebook and messages her but when she arrives to see her after being told to come she finds out Sutton was murdered. She is then forced to take the place of Sutton because the murderer doesn’t want anyone finding out that she died. The murderer also lured Emma there in the first place. The rest of the series is basically Emma trying to find out the killer. I will say that Sutton did not die from being strangled, she was pushed off of the cliff she was on at Sabino Canyon which is a long story of why she was there. Bad things have been happening to her and she eventually was there or had been there as the events were taking place. She didn’t die when she was pushed off but broke her left leg. She was then hit on the head with a sharp jagged rock and died from that. I won’t say who killed her though because that would ruin everything. The Pretty Little Liars books are about this girl named Alison who was really Courtney but switched places with her because she didn’t want to go to the Radley which is a mental hospital. She was there before because the real Ali had her sent there. They are both twins by the way. Courtney is killed by Ali at 13 and Ali is then sent to the Radley. The other four girls that Courtney was friends with because she didn’t know Ali’s friends so she dropped them suddenly, find out about her death later on in the books when they are 17. And the series is about their secrets and what they do and whatnot. This person named A is stalking them and threatening to expose their secrets if they don’t do what he/she says. That’s basically it. A is mainly a person seeking revenge on Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna (The Four Girls). And the entire series revolves around them mainly. There is a different A every four books. Sorry if I confused anyone but it is pretty hard to explain.