Sarah Palin On Trump VP Shortlist?

He had just explained to the reporter riding along that he wanted no role in a Trump administration when news arrived of a new poll naming him as the best liked of a list of potential running mates.
“Who else was on the list?” he asked quietly, maintaining his usual inscrutable calm. The most favorably regarded contenders after himself, he was told, were John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and Chris Christie.
“Those are all people on our list,” he said.
“Well, not you,” Candy reminded him sharply.

Sarah Palin On Trump VP Shortlist? - Christine Rousselle

Would she make a good VP? As Vice -presidents go she would be more of an asset rather than the current one.

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I’m sure she is, but I think Newt is also.

I’d prefer Newt to Palin. She carries much more negative baggage, even though I do like her.

She said no, and just as well, there are enough sideshows without her. Thing is Trump is not one for telling tales out of school. He is a reactionary. At this point i doubt he knows who he is going to pick, but because of the RNC meetings going on between trump and Republican leaders, they may convince him to pick someone that would appeal to them. Possible Rubio. I think he already burned the Bush bridge.

Moreover, I can guarantee it will be a virtual repeat of the McStain Experience.

She will be chosen for ONE reason only - well, two. Female and conservative. But if she tries to push the campaign conservative, she will be - again - slapped down.

I’m not so much in support of her as I once was. She jumped the gun in endorsing Trump - and for reasons that escape me. And interestingly, her endorsement marked THE VERY START of Trump’s foray into fecal-flinging.

She should have redacted that endorsement. She did not. That is not a recommendation in my book.

Not that it matters to me. Trump has ZERO credibility with me - and I offer zero support. If I vote for him it will be for factors other than his loud, foul mouth and liberal history.


Trump needs to be very careful with his selection.

I don’t like Palin as a VP choice. Trump is going to need to pick someone with…wait for it…gravitas.

Palin is a flamethrower. Two flamethrowers on the ticket aren’t needed. I think Trump must make a strategic selection regarding his running mate - someone who will help deliver electoral votes. Palin would likely hinder his chances of expanding his base of support.

I know that view will offend some here, but the fact is, unless Trump wins the White House Hillary Clinton will be our next president and, as Trump noted the other day, his run for the presidency will have been a “waste of time, effort and money”.

Palin lost lots of followers over her endorsement of Trump because, when she did, she slammed Cruz in the process. Right after that, he didn’t hear much out of her. I guess that the Donald found her price.

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Palin has no credentials with Constitutional Conservatives anymore, she has proved that she will attack Conservatives with the same fervor as every other Statist attacks those who respect the Constitution.

Which would make her a perfect match for Trump but the VP pick has become a way to get people who know better to hold their nose and vote for a candidate on the top of the ticket who violates all of their Principles; Palin would not achieve this goal.


[quote=“samspade, post:1, topic:48753”]

Sarah Palin On Trump VP Shortlist? - Christine Rousselle

Would she make a good VP? As Vice -presidents go she would be more of an asset rather than the current one.[/FONT][/COLOR]
[/quote]I always suspected that Trump joined the GOP race to throw the election to his a**-kissing buddy, Shrillary. Now I’m sure that I was right.

I think Ted Cruz is the best choice Trump could make.

DN< As much as that sounds good, I don’t think Cruz could take a back seat to Trump. And being VP, I doubt he would get much respect from the Senate leaders. To be frank, I think the RNC will obligingly play along until the convention and then try to thrust their choice on him. I do see a war coming.


How can he POSSIBLY choose Cruz - after winning the primary by smearing his name?

So says Trump: Cruz is a liar. Cruz is a serial fornicator. Cruz isn’t even legally ABLE to hold the office of President! Cruz is a crook, taking money from Goldman Sachs; and Cruz’ father was the hidden Other Shooter in the Kennedy @ss@ssination.

THAT is why…SOME…purported Republican voters chose Trump over Cruz.

So now, Trump is going to take this liar and adulteror and thief, and make him the man to stand in for him if he, Trump, cannot finish his term?

There are two things to take from this. Either Trump himself was LYING and SLANDERING Cruz; or else Cruz is unfit - and so would be Trump, to make such a poor choice and show such poor judgment.


I’m not saying he would be Trump’s choice, I’m saying he’s the best choice. Yes, I understand all of the implications.

I can’t see it.

A certain bridge might be the best choice to get where you’re going. Except that you’ve already set fire to it.

There is no undoing what’s done. Samson slew a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of an ass - and thousands of individuals’ lives and futures have been destroyed with the same weapon.

Trump can’t take back what he’s said without admitting to being a slandering liar. And once that’s admitted to, his campaign is over - he’s exactly where Madame Hillary is, except that Hillary promises more and better Free Excrement.


Trump could do worse than name Ted Cruz, but Texas is going to vote to elect Trump in the general election regardless who he names as a running mate. Cruz knows how congress works, but would he be helpful to Trump in getting legislation passed? Would naming Cruz help him expand his base among Independents? Certainly not a slam dunk. Then, of course, we have the smear campaign Trump heaped on Cruz, including bringing his wife into it. Point is - would Cruz accept the VP spot? Who knows? I doubt it very much.

That said, Trump certainly should not consider Christie or Palin. Neither of these two people would add anything to the ticket - IMHO.

As a purely strategic move - adding electoral votes - Kasich will no doubt get strong consideration from Trump. He would deliver a badly needed state to Trump - Ohio. However, Trump can ill-afford losing the votes of even more conservatives than will likely already be the case in this election. Would Kasich reduce the unease many feel about Trump? Maybe.

I think a question that deserves raising is just how much or how little does the second person on the ticket make. My view is that the VP selection generally does not help very much - however, it CAN hurt. This is why I think Palin or Christie would be a disaster.

A name I have heard recently - Scott Brown, former Rep Sen from Mass. Just who we don’t need - a New England Democrat masquerading as a Republican. The man is useless as teats on a boar hog. What worries me is he has been showing up routinely on news/talk shows.

Here is a man I would consider - Sen. Mike Lee of Utah. A bona fide conservative who has not pissed off everybody in the Senate.

In the end, I think it will come down to Gingrich or Kasich. Of the two, I prefer Gingrich on a personal level, but does he give you additional electoral votes? I have no idea.

Not to mention it would not help him, after Trump slandered one of the few things right in government while praising all the things wrong in government he lost any chance for my support; if Cruz now accepted the VP slot it would only make me put Cruz in the same class as Trump.

Trump will choose a scumbag Liberal who despises the Constitution and the Tea Party like himself, that is why he ran in the first place; Trump saw the writing on the wall for the Establishment GOP and decided to try and save them.

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Bolded for emphasis.

This hits it RIGHT ON. There is NOTHING for Cruz to do at this point but bide his time. Trump will be shown to be what he is - a charlatan big-government statist with Fascist tendencies and NO answers to the situation we’re in. Cruz can only be tarred with the muck that’s to come of these antitrade tariff policies - which will work as well as they always have, since Man has had borders, taxes and myopic vision.

The Trump…supporters (fighting to check myself)…are looking for a Superman. Of course they’ll be grossly disappointed - there’s always anger when a false prophet is outed. The answer, the ONLY answer, is in ourselves and our history - self-government as we’ve known it, according to Constitutional precepts.

I personally think that this Republic is finished. How deep the wreckage goes depends on how seriously leaders in the States take it - and how willing they are to protect their citizens, enforce their borders, and preserve the essence of the American experience beyond the meltdown of what used to be the United States.

The Republic is finished but the Constitution will work every time it’s tried - so long as there are educated people who understand it, believe in it, and will defend it from enemies. Especially enemies in our midst.


Ah! I think I hear a “STATES’S RIGHTS ISSUE!” We of the Southern fried variety just LOVES a good State’s Rights brouhaha!
Now if we could get some advocate in congress to CANE a fellow senator for slander, we would be off and running(that happened in the US Senate , so look it up) :cowboy: …for the border…I think the fence Mr Trump should build should have a classy name…like the “MASON-DIXON LINE”. Sort of catches the eye,hmmm? Say, between the North and the South would be a good place for it.
Forget “slavery” as an issue! “States Rights” has returned!!!


Do I detect a little sarcasm? Or, a lot?

Here’s where we’re at. We can cling helplessly to Washington, which is on a murder-suicide mission…they seem hell-bent on destroying the States, the communities, those repugnant Little People with pink skins…they will destroy them with taxes; with regulations that destroy industries and prevent new ones from replacing them. They intend on destroying the very currency of the nation; and they want to destroy the cultural adhesion. This as they import millions of aliens from failed cultures - and support these hostile, violent aliens with tax monies TAKEN from the hideous Pink-Skins.

We can cling to them as they work to enslave and destroy and kill us - or we can cut the legal, political ties and FIGHT our weak, craven, stupid, destructive wannabee slavemasters.

Which is the better plan? Allow this morphing fascist tyranny to get to house-to-house searches for guns, ammo, gold, silver, linen, good shoes, teen virgin daughters…OR HOLD THE LINE AT STATE BORDERS AND FIGHT LIKE MEN.

And to those who would not, I say:

“May your chains rest lightly upon you; and may posterity forget you were ever our countrymen.”