SarahSilverman hates Trump Supporters

REALLY…hate is what she feels for them.

wait till November 2020. LOLOL

Does ANYONE here, Trump supporter or not, give a crap to find out that Sarah Silverman hates you? I know I DON’T.


No I don’t care. But I like to point out the intolerant, hatefilled left and their hatefilled words.
The very ones who call themselves tolerant and reasonable.
I like pointing out their hypocrisy.


Well, there’s a lot of them particularly in Lalaland. They’re all incredibly rich but won’t practice what they preach. I wonder how many of these pampered morons would pay for illegals’ healthcare, food, education, etc. But they want us to. Step up to the plate, lefties!

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oh they’re not gonna do that. But they’ll certainly talk down to us in their morally superior manner.

From the article:



At least they’re being honest about it now.

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Truly. They didn’t attack us at first as much as they attacked this president. They hate him but they hate Trump voters as much if not more. If they could get away with it, they would eliminate trump voters. The media is always encouraging it…and then when it happens, they sit there and say, ‘it wont us’.

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