SAT READING SCORES lowest in 40 years


2012 SAT Reading Scores Lowest Since 1972NPR’s Claudio Sanchez brings us this bit of bad academic news: The class of 2012 scored the lowest average SAT reading score since 1972. A bit of good news is that math scores were up.

                       Claudio filed this report for our Newscast unit:
                                                  "Writing,  too, is down nine points since the SAT introduced a writing section in  2006. The average score in math was 514 out of 800, five points higher  than it was 40 years ago.
                       "Just under  1.7 million high school seniors took the test. Nearly half were racial  or ethnic minorities. A fourth did not grow up speaking English at home.  Asians outscored White, Black and Latinos. But overall, according to  the College Board which commissions the SAT's, 6 in ten test takers are  not prepared for college level work. Experts say this is a clear  indication that academically, high schools are just not rigorous  enough."
                                                  [In a press release](,  College Board President Gaston Caperton said these scores should be a  "call to action to expand access to rigor for more students."
                       "Our  nation's future depends on the strength of our education system. When  less than half of kids who want to go to college are prepared to do so,  that system is failing," he said.
                       And, as we've reported, this kind of news just keeps coming. In Sept. 2011, we reported that the [reading scores were already in bad shape then]( And, last month, we reported that according to the ACT , just "[25 percent of high schoolers who took the test are college ready]("

I note that only those considering college take the SATs & Act…so just think about the other half of kids too.
It is time to abandon public schooling and get education back to the local level and vouchers to break the union stranglehold on the future of our kids. Failing that…it is time to forget the crap and get back to basics. We are preparing kids to be serfs and slobs.


I think a lot of falling SAT and ACT scores have to do with the fact that a higher percentage of students go to college now than historically.

Whereas before you could probably get a pretty decent job with a high school diploma, now the understanding is that to be successful, you must have a college degree. It’s putting our nation in debt as well. College shouldn’t be seen as a necessity. Most of these students will probably not even use their degree in the job they get.

(Although it probably doesn’t help that over half of recent graduates are un- or underemployed.)


I’d say that contention is obviated by the continued decline of American students on the world scale, as well. As any post-graduate admissions rep knows, class ranking doesn’t lie.


With the internet age, I’m not surprised.


Standards have fallen significantly. Throwing money at the board of education doesn’t solve anything. It only creates more bureaucracy. Some may see this as a way of the administration purposely making people feel stupid and feel as if succeeding is a crime. They believe that if you succeed, it was only because you took advantage of other people. That’s simply not true. Merit should be rewarded, not punished.