Satanic Prayer Will Open Florida Town Council Meeting


[RIGHT][LEFT][FONT=Georgia]Just three days after the Supreme Court ruled that sectarian legislative prayer was constitutional in Greece v. Galloway, a man in Deerfield Beach, Florida, requested to open a session of the town council or the Florida State Senate with a Satanic prayer, reports 12 News.
Chaz Stevens, a Satanist, explained to Raw Story:
I just want equal billing. We allow various religious nutjobs to give a prayer. They pray to Jesus who is make-believe, god who is make-believe, why not Satan who is make-believe? Why discriminate against one make-believe god over another? Satan and I are being circumvented. The city of Deerfield Beach has once again declared war on religion — and this time it’s Satanism.

Stevens previouslymade headlines last December when he successfully put up a secular Festivus pole made of beer cans in the Florida Capitol in protest of a nativity scene that was also displayed there.


[FONT=Georgia]His letter to the town council, acquired by Raw Story, read:
Dear City of Deerfield Beach;
With the recent US Supreme Court ruling allowing “prayer before Commission meetings” and seeking the rights granted to others, I hereby am requesting I be allowed to open a Commission meeting praying for my God, my divine spirit, my Dude in Charge.
Be advised, I am a Satanist.
Let me know when this is good for you.

Satanic Prayer Will Open Florida Town Council Meeting

I saw in another article that he was refused to say a satanic prayer and they will go to court if necessary to stop him. All this highlights that we are under attack by elements that want to undermine the nation and its values. According to the other article which seems to have disappeared from Drudge this fellow wants to charge discrimination for not being allowed to do this.


Let him. If he wants to make a fool of himself in front of others then let him. Let him open with his satanic prayer and then close with the Lords prayer.


He should think twice about praying to Satan in whom he claims not to believe; he may get an answer…