Saxby Chambliss, Lindsey Graham under fire


Saxby Chambliss, Lindsey Graham under fire - Ginger Gibson and David Catanese -

If Congressman Paul Broun (GA) and State Senator Tom Davis (SC) run, and I think they will, I will personally campaign for them.

Both of them are able to maintain a balance between the Tea Party and Ron Paul supporter constituency base.

Draft Paul Broun for Senate

Draft Tom Davis for Senate


Broun and Davis are both good candidates. For the SC seats, Mulvaney and Scott are also worthy of consideration.
We need more Tea Partiers in Washington and less RINOs like Chambliss, McCain and Graham.


Broun is garbage. He’s a maniac. I will not support him.

If Tom Price runs, I’ll gladly support him though. I HATE Saxby Chambliss’ guts out. Not just because of ideological reasons, but because of how he carries himself, and how he attacked Max Cleland.

I’ll support almost any (sane) Republican over Graham.


Graham should live under fire. Let him go to the front lines in the countries that he wants us fighting in.