Say hello to Justice Kavanaugh!


Collins voting to confirm.

Manchin too!

Say hello to Justice Kavanaugh!


Watch the Donkey Party go impeachment now that Kavanaugh will soon be seated.

This token was made almost 185 years ago, but the concept still applies.



They have to take control of the House first, and after THIS debacle, that’s not a certain thing.



The commentators on Fox still seem to be working on the assumption that the Dems will take House, unfortunately. If that happens we will have two years of impeachment proceedings for Trump and probably Kavanaugh. The way the Dems have acted, they don’t deserve to control anything.


Brett Kavanaugh has been sworn in as the 114th Supreme Court justice in a private setting Saturday.


There will be another, ceremonial swearing in on Monday. As of this afternoon, Justice Kavanaugh IS Justice Kavanaugh! I hope every American remembers what the dim-witted Democrats tried to do to this good man this coming November.


Kavanaugh CAN’T be impeached for any alleged behavior BEFORE he got on the court. He can only be impeached for behavior (“high crimes and misdemeanors”) WHILE ON THE COURT.


When you are a Democrat, you can decide to try to do anything you please. The law does not matter to them, and it does not matter to the worst of the judges who are in the the tank with them.

Their new standard for those who don’t agree with them politically is that you are guilty of any allegation until you are proven innocent. It does not matter how long ago it could have happened or if anyone else can collaborate it.


Congratulations to Justice Kavanaugh, President Trump and especially Mitch McConnell (for finally growing a pair :wink: )

Last weekend at this time I was quite angry at the credibility these men had offered to this charade, but this week there has been non of that; they were bold and unapologetic as they should have been!

The Left have gleaned their greatest achievements by Judicial Activism/Terrorism, they have accomplished very little via the elective process; we are finally seeing a reason for hope that our Judiciary can right the treasonous wrongs of its former incarnations.

Trump may have just accomplished what Reagan and 2 Bush’s tried and failed to do, and he did NOT accomplish it by worrying about what “They will say” if he nominated Strict Constructionists to the court or condescending to those who have no honor.

Mockery is a powerful tool when backed by truth.


1Bork v (1987) : prevent (a nominee) from being confirmed as Supreme Court Justice by hook or by crook - Borked, Borking

2Bork n (1987) : an act of Borking

1Kavanaugh v (2018) : unsuccessfully prevent (a nominee) from being confirmed as Supreme Court Justice - Kavanaughed, Kavanaughing

2Kavanaugh n (2018) : unsuccessful act of preventing (a nominee) from being confirmed as Supreme Court Justice : FAILED BORK


I don’t know. Their antics may be making them rather unpopular. It may be that now they failed to stop him, people are going to look a little more carefully at these accusations and the circumstances under which they were made; that can only make the left look worse.


A happy day. Every screaching liberal explosion fills me with warmth and peace.


I don’t disagree with what you say . . . nevertheless, if they are foolish enough to try impeachment, they will fail.

And if it goes all the way to the Supreme Court? Guess what? That will fail too (for obvious reasons).

BTW, instead of “collaborate”, I think you meant “corroborate”.


I’m not sure the lefties realize how terrible they look, holding and controlling an accusation as a political bomb something that should have been reported immediately to the police and literally believing a man is guilty because someone said so without any evidence but the testimony one “credible” victim. I hope their sons who are innocent are accused of sex assaults and tried in the court of public opinion. Until now, this has been a mockery of justice in America. The more I think about it, the more disgusted I get.


I don’t. Their sons don’t deserve it any more than Kavanaugh did.


Agreed, though I sympathize with Nutjob’s sentiment. Remember Miguel Estrada?


Not familiar.


George W. Bush nominee for the D.C. appeals court. Unamimous “well qualified” vote from the ABA . He nomination was filibustered because he was fairly conservative, latino, and destined for SCOTUS if he was confirmed to a federal bench. The democrats conducted themselves…poorly … over his nomination. When he was later sounded out for a legal position (iirc solicitor genersl) with the administtation, he replied that he would never again subject himself to questioning by Senate democrats, or willingly place himself in any situation where law and custom demand that he be civil to Chuck Schumer.


I don’t really either – except if they’re the the same kind of people. Then they deserve to be subjected to a dose of their own medicine.