Scams & waste loom as charity millions donated after orlando

The more than 430 fundraisers posted on the GoFundMe website after the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando have exposed weaknesses inherent in these popular do-it-yourself charity campaigns: waste, questionable intentions and little oversight.
The fundraisers - an average of more than four for each of the 49 killed and 53 wounded - include travelers asking for cash, a practitioner of ancient healing, a personal safety instructor who sells quick loaders for assault rifles, and even convicted identity impostors.

News from The Associated Press

Always keep in mind who you are giving money to. The case may be someone who takes advantage of a crisis or event to ask for it so they can help or so they say. If you do give remember the likelihood is your name will appear on some list and you will be inundated with other requests for money to help the “needy”.

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Salvation Army is where I put my money when I donate…the rest I pass on.

We used to give to EVERYBODY. Want money, give us a call. We did that for years because we figured that we were doing well, why not help others. Then one day I got a phone call wanting money as I paused between calls to my family letting them know about a death in the family. I explained to them what I was doing & they kept trying to get me to give them money. I ended up hanging up on them so that I could finish making notifications. After I was finished I reflected on the call & just said NO More. Even though we are on the do not call list we still get calls, sometimes 4 a week & the answer is still no. We now give once each year through the Air Force Combined Federal Campaign. Oh & just for the hell of it I once spent a few hours looking up some of those charities. I found it shocking what a small percent you need to give to whatever cause your “selling” & yet your still considered a charity fund raiser.

Oh & like Don I give locally to the Salvation Army & also Goodwill. The Salvation Army where I live will come out & pick up large items. I have given them a lot over the years because we tend to replace stuff with better stuff. Goodwill has a drive through where you can drop stuff off & we use that a lot. It’s not only quick & easy but my neighbors son works there.

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I am also on the do not call list and they still call. In this day and age they can hide their identity and even laugh at you if you tell them you know they are a scam. One sure sign is a blocked call or even your own phone number popping up on caller I.D.

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Salvation Army is good. Goodwill, from what I understand, has little or nothing in common with a charity anymore.

Yea the “don’t call list” that is where they got your number!

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Charities and politicians are exempt from the “Do not call” list. But we still get a lot that are from neither politicians nor charities. And as well as “spammers,” we get a lot of scammers.

There’s one call we get repeatedly, that starts,“Stop what you’re doing right now,” so I do - I hang up the phone. I have no idea what it’s about. I think it’s supposed to be OK companies you’ve done business with, too, but I’m not sure.

I think even charities won’t call you back if you ask them not to. It might take a call or two before everyone gets the message - that’s what happened to me with the American Bible Society. I still give to them, but only for Bibles for China, and times of my choosing.

What irritates me is when I tell them I can’t give anything right now, and they come back with "Couldn’t you give just (a little bit less than the first request). I’ve been known to hang up on such people, because they refuse to take no for an answer.

Got another of those RNC surveys again - wanted me to sign up to contribute a choice of $ amounts. At the end, “I cannot afford to give one of those amounts listed, but I will give $10 to help pay for printing this material.” Tough luck, they shouldn’t have bothered. I did fill one of them out before, and at the bottom wrote, “I will not give any money to the party until they prove that they will do what they promised.” I can’t remember the exact wording, I implied that they may promise what we want, but their promises are meaningless.