Scathing Letter

I’m sure that most of you have heard or read about that scathing reprimand of the FBI letter that the FISA court Judge sent out today?

Well here is something you probably haven’t seen …

Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal tried to get the FISA court to act on abuses back in 2017 but were DENIED

Over 2 1/2 years ago, Landmark Legal Foundation asked Judge Collyer to act on the FBI abuses committed on the court and she denied the request.

This is the same Judge Rosemary Collyer who rebuked the FBI today.

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We will see if any of this amounts to anything. It could just be the FISA Court covering its swamp creature butt.

I think that the whole FISA Court should be disbanded. It is nothing but a rubber stamp for Federal prosecutors, and the fact that its proceedings are totally secret smacks of Gestapo-like tactics. Reports say that it gives the prosecutors what they want almost 99% of the time. You may as well save the government some money and hire a clerk to take its place.

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I haven’t got the time right now to search but do any of you remember Wray trashing the republican’s (Nunes) summary of the IG report (before it was declassified) and claiming that Schiff’s summary was accurate?

Wray was lying!
He knew that the whole thing was trash and yet … he poo pooed Nunes for months!

So these two … Judge Collyer and Chris Wray are going to slip away from any type of consequences and lay the blame on others?