School District Freaks Out Over 12 Year Old Honor Student’s American Flag Shirt…


Twelve-year-old Dustin Cole — an honor student at Yuba Gardens Intermediate school in California — was given a dress code violation and was forced to turn his American flag-themed shirt inside out last week.

Lori Carpenter, Cole’s mother, told Fox 40 that Cole was given the violation after administrator’s noticed its “gang-related” design.

School District Freaks Out Over 12 Year Old Honor Student’s American Flag Shirt… | Weasel Zippers

So if one shows pride in their country they are gang members. The whole underpinning of this nation is under attack by those that want to change values to reflect anarchy and discord. According to them there should be no American pride and it should be replaced with debauchery and total lack of values.

We are being hammered every day for new examples of “PC correctness” which is a cover for destroying relationships and continuity among people by having individuals at every one else’s throats. People are afraid to hold a conversation or wear clothing or fly the American flag because some where there will always be those who will be offended.

We are told that celebrating christmas and even now halloween is bad for the nation.


My PC t-shirt isn’t PC. Do I care? ~No~


Imagine how they would freak out if a student showed up wearing a T-shirt with an image of the Christian flag…


^ You kidding? It’s about as historically relevant as Quanza, and a damn sight as recognizable.

Doesn’t help that half of all flags have a cross already. Unless schools had an active watch list, or the flag was captioned, I doubt most teachers would even know what it was.


Are they implying that the State of California is a gang or the US is a gang?

When you think the left cannot become anymore batsh!t crazy, they will always prove you wrong.


Do they have a dress code that prevents this?

My kids had a dress code. If they weren’t in compliance they got sent to the office and the parents called in.


They might not know what it is, but the cross would get the goat of the more rabid leftists. And if a lot of kids started wearing them, you can count on the ACLU to “educate” the teachers…


They probably wouldn’t recognize it.