School District locked down because of misheard "Fresh Prince" lyrics.


Entire School District Locked Down Because Someone Misheard A Fresh Prince Lyric

Life got flip-turned upside down this morning in a suburban Pittsburgh school district. Everyone was chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’, all cool—at least until a doctor’s office employee called a 19-year-old high school student to confirm an appointment. When the employee heard the student’s outgoing voicemail message, she became convinced the guy was up to no good—that he might even start making trouble in the neighborhood

I’m all for being cautious, but it really seems like someone should have caught this. Maybe it’s just because I know all the words by heart watching this after school almost every day :slight_smile:


or another school suspends a child for chewing his bun and it "looked suspiciously’ like a gun. The era of utter stupidity is in the beginning throes. God have mercy on us all. Jesus come quickly!


Yep, definitely rated 5X holy sheep and 5X :rolleyes: !


lol this is almost like The Onion


The thing I really want to know is how did that person not know it was the fresh prince song? Everybody watched that show. Carlton was awesome.


I haven’t any idea about what it is.


1990s or 2000s sitcom.


Never watched it. Too stupid to waste my time watching it.