Schools sing praise to Allah, create propaganda posters for ISIS


Are American public schools on the verge of becoming taxpayer-funded Madrassas?
In 2001 the founder of the Institute on Religious and Civic Values boasted about a covert plan to conduct a “bloodless” revolution inside American public classrooms – promoting an increased emphasis on the Islamic faith.

Take, for example, what happened this week in Huntington Beach, California. A group of seventh graders were forced to learn a song promoting Islam.
It seems a teacher, who moonlights as an aspiring songwriter, crafted some lyrics to promote the Islamic faith:
“Like a sandstorm/on the desert/sending camels/into motion,” the lyrics read. “Like how a single faith/can make a heart open/They might only have one God/But they can make an explosion.”
*They can make an explosion.

Schools sing praise to Allah, create propaganda posters for ISIS | Fox News

This article highlights a growing phenomena. More and more I see stories of where schools and businesses are changing their ways to include indoctrination of muslim ways or giving into muslim demands of special accommodations.

Our government wants to import more potential terrorists and we have already had incidents showing the folly of this. Throw in the southern border being wide open to admit undesirables as well as welfare recipients. If members of congress really cared for america they would be working to stop all this.

The time for games is over. This nation is under a siege from several points with a willing president who spends his time looking the other way while excoriating allies as well as christians and whites.

In the vacuum of leadership Putin of russia is gaining allies as well as influence for doing a job that obama has deemed a police action and handcuffed the military and agencies to preform.*


Cue the child singing “Onward Christian Soldiers”…