Schumer Just Threatened Supreme Court Justices

Schumer Just Threatened Supreme Court Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch ‘You will pay the price’

What if you or I were to threaten a Supreme Court Judge, (or two)?

These are the same people, Outraged over Trump trying to interfere in the justice system!

Just imagine Mitch McConnell saying something unhinged like this to justices Sotomayor, Kagan, or Ginsburg?

John Haywood said if that happened, every elected Republican would spend the next two weeks fending off hordes of reporters demanding to know if they support threatening Supreme Court justices who disagree with their political agenda.

But Schumer will get a complete pass from the media, who will ignore his comments and just keep running non-stop election and coronavirus coverage.

At the very least … This nut should be Red Flagged.

Different rules apply to Democrats. They are “for the little guy” so they can say whatever they want.

Wait until you see what the news media does with the gaffs that fly out of Biden’s mouth between now and November.

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This Jack@$$ is doubling down!

So far as Trump’s comments about Ginsberg and Sotomayer, they were totally appropriate. The founding fathers gave Supreme Court Justices lifetime appointments because they were supposed to be immune from worries about politics.

Now that they have become “politicians in black robes,” Supreme Court justices are no longer immune from political criticism. When you have a lifetime appointment, you have no right to remain on a lofty pedestal. You have stepped down from your perch and are subject to criticism like everyone else.

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Schumer has tried to cover his butt by having a staffer say his comments were directed toward Republican Senators. If you listen to what he said, you will know that is “overly creative.”

Ginsberg and Sotomayor took political stands. Schumer attacked the justices before the decision. That’s a big difference.

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Ginsberg will continue after death. Um, I think she died sometime ago.

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The devil is keeping her alive.

Schumer is such a coward…so are all democrats. They aer so brave when they’re in their little packs but catch them out of their comfort zone and 'oh no…‘I didn’t do THAT!! YOU misunderstood’. These people are a danger to the whole country. Trent Lott had to resign his position for attending an old dixiecrat’s (Strom Thurman’s) 100th? birthday party. This guy threatens 2 supreme court justices and he’s still walking around free?? ThIS is NOT right.


For this … You and I would go to jail!

Criminal Threats

A criminal threat involves one person threatening someone else with physical harm.

Criminal threats are made with the intention to place someone in fear of injury or death.

It isn’t necessary for a victim to experience fear or terror.

It is the intention of the person making the threat that matters.
(As in: “Don’t mess with our baby killings!”)

The intent of a person who makes threats is usually determined by the circumstances surrounding the case.


last night one of the folks maybe brett baier said that Schumer walked right up to the line but did not cross it. People have done less than that and have been taken into custody and questioned.

People in this country are getting damn sick and tired of this double standard.


True. Me for one. Landmark Legal has filed a formal complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee. I suppose we’ll now see if that committee has ANY standards whatsoever.

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don’t hold your breath.

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