Schumer offers 35 year-old trick_ open government and then we’ll talk border control


See: Dem Response: End Shutdown, Then Negotiate Border Security

”Schumer called for Trump to sign bipartisan legislation that would reopen the government and withhold funding for a border barrier so that the debate can be continued when the entire government is back to work and getting paid.”

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer really think the American People are stupid and don’t recall the dirty trick the Democrat Party Leadership played on them 35 years ago when, in 1985, the Republican Party Leadership reluctantly agreed to granting amnesty to 2.5 million illegal entrants in return for a guarantee to build a wall, secure our border and discourage illegal immigration.

And here we are today, almost 35 years later, and still no adequate protection to stop illegal border crossings; no legislation passed to discourage illegal immigration, or visa overstays; no merit based standards set for immigration to benefit the United States; and no legislation passed to criminally punish public office holders forming sanctuary cities which violate federal “harboring” laws.

But we do have an additional 10-15 million new illegal entrants in the country, and the devastating social and economic impact of illegal immigration, which is suffered by American citizens and destroying their local communities, and bankrupting their schools and emergency rooms! And Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi want the American People to once again grab their ankles, give up their political leverage, and capitulate as they did in 1985?

Hey Nancy Botox Pelosi and Lying Chuck Schumer . . . rub your dirty trick on your chest, the American People are not as stupid as you think.


American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax-slaves to finance a maternity ward for the poverty stricken populations of other countries who invade America’s borders to give birth.


The Democrat Party Leadership’s 35 year old trick:

Question is, will the Republican Leadership give up their political leverage in return for another promise?


The Democrat Party Leadership has been encouraging this ongoing invasion of our southern border since 1985 when amnesty was granted to 2.5 million illegal entrants in return for a guarantee to build a wall and secure our border. And here we are today, no wall, but 10-15 million more illegal entrants and the invasion continues


Look at Schumer’s face. Doesn’t he project hate?


The Democrats get everything they want; we get nothing. That’s the usual deal in Washington.


Are you suggesting reaching across the aisle and bipartisanship is the Democrat Party Leadership’s Newspeak to subvert the Constitution and screw the American People?



As long as I’ve been alive (I’ll be 77 next week) the Democrats’ “tactic” has been to tout “compromise,” as if it’s sacrosanct in some fashion while believing sincerely that “compromise” means “Do it our way or hit the highway.”


No. But history shown us that the Democrats don’t make compromises any more. It’s only gotten worse in recent years. Rumor had it that Trump was willing to settle for $2.5 billion on the wall. The Democrat response was, “Nothing doing … NO WALL!” The Democrats have become more and more like a dictatorial far left party with near perfect party discipline.


We agree completely and why I posted this

Let’s hope President Trump does not cave in and teach the Republican Party the benefits of having a spine.