Schumer Thinks Senate Can Prevent Trump from Running Again

Your own post said that they were able to proceed with the impeachment because Belknap AGREED to allow it and cooperate. It’s called “demurrer.” Do you REALLY think President Trump will do likewise?

Wow, you need to go back and try again. That’s not what that means. a demurrer is to object. In this case to the question of jurisdiction.


You’re totally off topic. HOUSE IMPEACHMENT is, de facto, political not legal because the conditions to impeach “high crimea and misdemeanors” is given no precise legal definition and left to the discretion or indescretion of the House. The procedure for the SENATE TRIAL, however, is clearly spelled out.

Trump might not appeal. He might decide that this is finally the venue to present exhaustive evidence of “The Steal”. It’s not what I would do but I’d be lucky to get 70 votes for dogcatcher, much less 70 million votes to become leader of the (soon to be former) Free World.

Now that would be interesting!

Why do people keep bringing this up as if winning 74.2 million votes of 159 million possible votes is somehow an unprecedented accomplishment?

This literally happens every election (well, save maybe Carter V Regan…lol).

The losing side usually only loses by less than 10% and the losing side is always a lot of people.

Big deal. What is the point?

You simply cannot seriously think you can rationally explain why there were 25 million more total votes supposedly cast in the 2020 election than an any previous one, especially with Biden totally eschewing any campaigning. I don’t think I saw 5 total TV ads for him, come to think of it.

If nothing else Trump was great at getting people of both sides to the polls. He also brought out the biggest ever youth turnouts this election, granted they were turning out against him.

I’m under no illusions about Biden. He was a terrible candidate, and I really think the DNC was shooting themselves in the foot with his nomination. I voted for him, but I didn’t vote for him per se, I voted against Trump. In fact, a poll from August found that ~58% of Biden supporters viewed themselves as voting against Trump rather than for Biden. The more Trump tweeted and got on TV, the more he motivated both his followers and his opposition. I definitely think he would have won if he’d sworn off Twitter and stuck to pre-written statements months ago.

Eric Blair, the biggest critic of communism in history, would agree with you.

Lenin once said, “The goal of socialism is communism.”

You can’t find a better authority on the subject than that.

I noticed you didn’t reference the quote. Much like Einstein’s definition of insanity, your Lenin quote turns out to be rubbish.

You really think that you are a genius, don’t you? You are so arrogant and so condescending. You are a prime example of a half baked college education that is incapable of providing you with any ability to engage in critical thinking.

Here is the link for you. Go to Red Square and tell Lenin in his tomb that he should take back those words.

Lenin on Socialism

I think they wanted an emergency session for the impeachment and McConnell won’t grant it. The senate won’t reconvene until the 19th, and one day won’t be enough time.

McConnell wants him convicted as much as Schumer. Chuck may hold an unconstitutional trial and DARE the Supreme Court or anyone else from doing anything. Regrettably, this may push more MAGA folks into violence giving the democrats more ammunition in cracking down on free speech and RKBA. We are headed for a cluster-####.

I’m not certain about this. He might, but I haven’t seen anything clear.

You’re right, he’s working hard to maintain plausible deniability.

That’s your idea of a source? So let me ask you: did Lenin say it in an interview, did he say it in a speech or was it an excerpt in one of his works and if so which one? What year was it when this was attributed to Lenin? It’s pretty obvious you didn’t read my link at all, so as a favour to you I’ll post it again. You can thank me later.

If there is one thing I am certain of, it is that they will never get over it. I still see Republicans fuming over Bill Clinton and they never hated him with 20% the passion of Trump’s haters. 50 years from now, people will still have their tombstones engraved with statements about how much they hate Trump.

Trump is the most interesting man who has ever lived, so he can never leave their minds.

Pretty sure George Orwell identified as a communist. He just hated Stalin’s authoritarian take on it. Orwell was basically a scholarly Marxist who didn’t like the consistent authoritarian swing the reigning Communist governments took.

Whether he used the phrase is a bit meaningless. Marx himself used the terms “Socialism” and “Communism” interchangeably. Marx did describe both violent revolutions and non-violent transitions. But those words didn’t have that distinction in the 19th century.