Scientists to unlock secrets of chocolate

WHAT ???
A government study funded by a PRIVATE corporation ???

Almost sounds unAmerican.

By Matt Sedensky

updated 12:55 a.m. ET, Thurs., June. 26, 2008

MIAMI - Government scientists are launching a five-year project Thursday aimed at safeguarding the world’s chocolate supply by dissecting the genome of the cocoa bean.

A U.S. Department of Agriculture team based here, funded with more than $10 million from Mars Inc., will analyze the more than 400 million parts of the cocoa genome, a process that could help battle crippling crop diseases and even lead to better-tasting chocolate…

Ajay Royyuro, who leads the Computational Biology Center at IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., said the cocoa genome project capitalizes on advances from examining the far more complicated human genome. An IBM team will participate in the cocoa efforts…

Virtually no cocoa is produced in the U.S., but the USDA has an interest in the crop because so many domestically produced items (think raisins and almonds, for example) are important to chocolate.


There must be taxpayers money in there somewhere.?

[quote=“Bucks, post:1, topic:12363”]
WHAT ???
A government study funded by a PRIVATE corporation ???

Almost sounds unAmerican.

There must be taxpayers money in there somewhere.?
[/quote]Well it seems a study that may have some benefits unlike one years ago proposed by an organization that wanted the government to give them $100,000 to investigate miniskirts and what effect it had on males. This is true BTW.

Being a man myself I was investigating all the time and I did not need a grant to do it.

This is a study that would likely be supported by all the women at RO. :biggrin:

Im about to have all the women pounce on me at once…

I cant stand chocolate… It taste nasty…

Not this one!

Aw heck Susanna, you’re just one of the guys. :wink:

Well God bless Mars.

Man cannot live upon bread alone, he must have chocolate and peanut butter.

Hmm… chocolate. The food of the Gods according to the ancient Aztecs :slight_smile:

And dare I say, a majority of the guys?:banana:



Now that most of the chocolate genome has been deciphered, scientists can work to manipulate the genes. Neither group has said how it plans to fiddle with cocoa.

Options include creating a strain resistant to “witches’ broom,” a fungal infection that The New York Times says devastated Brazil’s cocoa crop.

Research could also lead to better tasting chocolate or increase cocoa’s natural production of flavonoids, which studies show may be good for your body.

Chocolate genome could unlock tastier, healthier candy -

Mmmm, better tasting chocolate ???


Sexist!!!:biggrin: I do more with chocolate than most men. My Valentine’s Day for my wife consists of My doing all the housework, cooking and making many, many chocolate treats for her(and myself).

You’re just a guy on an obvious mission for that day. :wink::yes:
Chocolate is an aphrodisiac for many/most women.
Nudge, nudge…say no more.

Not. Affects men too. I am a chocolate junkie.

That’s a very thoughtful thing to do for your wife, but must admit is something I never quite ‘got’. As in, why it’s the women who are doted upon on Valentine’s Day - and anniversary’s, for that matter. I’ve always looked at it as the man being just as much in love and as deserving of a gift, on both occassions.

I’ve wondered that, too. =/

I agree wholeheartedly. But, I get the Super Bowl, where my wife prepares munchies for me and my friends.

So, Oh Tiny One,

How did your chocolate exploitations work out for you over the holidays.

Very Well, Thank you for asking. I made a “flower arrangement” with fruit, dipped in Chocolate, and White Chocolate, which I colored to look more like the flower it was meant to resemble. I also made Molten Lava Cakes, Chocolate Cream Pie and Home Made Reese’s Cups. Good Christmas, if I do say so.

holds out arms Please adopt me.

I am willing, but you’ll need to move to North Carolina.:wink: