SCOTUS vacates bribery conviction Va. Gov. McDonnell


Supreme Court vacates bribery conviction of former Va. Gov. McDonnellWASHINGTON – A unanimous Supreme Court on Monday overturned the corruption conviction of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell in a ruling that makes it harder to prosecute elected officials accused of bribery.
The justices ruled the jury received faulty instructions about what constitutes bribery under federal law.
McDonnell was convicted in 2014 of accepting more than $165,000 in gifts and loans from a wealthy businessman in exchange for promoting a dietary supplement.
The former governor says he never took any official action to benefit Star Scientific Inc. CEO Jonnie Williams or pressured other public officials to do so. McDonnell says he simply performed routine courtesies for Williams like setting up meetings and hosting events.
Prosecutors said McDonnell accepted personal benefits with the understanding he would try to take official action to help Williams.
A jury in 2014 found McDonnell guilty of breaking a law that bars public officials from taking gifts in exchange for “official action.” He was sentenced to two years in prison, but remained free while the high court considered his appeal.
There is no dispute that McConnell received multiple payments and gifts from Williams, which was not illegal at the time under Virginia ethics laws. But McDonnell said he did nothing in return except help a constituent reach out and make his pitch to other public officials.
Chief Justice John Roberts said the law can’t punish politicians for giving their constituents access to public officials who are willing to listen, but don’t actually exercise government power. He said setting up a meeting, talking to another official or organizing an event does not meet the definition of an official act under the law.
The gifts included nearly $20,000 in designer clothing and accessories for McDonnell’s wife, a $6,500 engraved Rolex watch, $15,000 in catering for their daughter’s wedding, and free family vacations and golf trips for their boys. Williams also provided three loans totaling $120,000.

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This sends a signal to all politicians they can do as they please, the BIG GOVT will protect them…maybe BIG GOVT should be protecting unborn children!!


Sickening. And they wonder why the country is failing.


Chief Justice John Roberts strikes again


Any study of history makes this news nothing but ‘old hat’. As a country moves further and further to the left the results are 100% the same. The 3 class society begins to morph from successful profile of about 10% in poverty, 10% wealthy and a 80% middle class. We begin to look like this: 10% ultra wealthy, 10% RULING class (composed of govt workers/contractors and the remaining 80% continue to spiral down in both net worth and annual family income. NOTE: When the Poverty class (those who live on means tested income such as Welfare, food stamps etc, the % of the Ruling Class + the % of the wealthy + the % of the Poverty class) adds up to a greater % than the former middle class the country is in full economic decline.

What occurs is the middle class declines in real income, the Poverty class grows as does the Wealthy class. The Ruling class remains about the same in size as that is how they keep their power. As time goes by the Wealthy class grows from the Ruling class. Good example is the Clintons. Never more than govt workers their entire lives yet today are worth over #1.2 Billion (counting their private foundation). Al Gore now also worth $000’s of Millions. Look at Congress members, the longer they are up there the more they are worth, all in the multi millions, yet all nothing but govt workers.

This ruling is just another ruling to favor the Ruling class…

M*ajority of U.S. Supreme Court justices are millionaires:

At least six — and perhaps as many as all eight — U.S. Supreme Court justices are worth at least $1 million, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of new financial disclosures.

Topping the list is Stephen Breyer, who is worth at least $6.1 million — and possibly as much as $16 million going into 2016. Breyer’s top holdings include stock in publishing company Pearson PLC, as well as property in New Hampshire and the Caribbean island of Nevis.

Chief Justice John Roberts boasts the second-highest net worth: at least $4.2 million.

Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Samuel Alito, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan are also worth more than a million bucks.

The same is true of their would-be colleague Merrick Garland, who President Barack Obama has nominated to fill the vacancy following the February death of Justice Antonin Scalia. (Scalia’s estate is not required to file a financial disclosure on his behalf.)

If confirmed to the Supreme Court, Garland — currently the chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit — would, in fact, become the court’s wealthiest member.

Documents released today indicate Garland is worth at least $7.6 million — and possibly as much as $25 million. Among his top assets? A rental property in New York City and several mutual funds.

Justices Anthony Kennedy and Clarence Thomas are the court’s paupers — relatively speaking. Both men’s minimum estimated net worth was around $600,000 — although each could be worth as much as $1.2 million.

Assets on the forms, which are filed annually, are reported in broad ranges. This makes it impossible to say precisely how much each justice is worth. Judges are also exempt from disclosing the value of their homes, making an accurate calculation even more difficult.*

All they have every done is be a judge somewhere and then SCOTUS and now they are worth in the millions $$$$ and more every year!!!


Exactly, Roberts is a scumbag Traitor of the highest order.


Two points.

First, it is SIGNIFICANT that this decision was UNANAMOUS!! When was the last time the SCOTUS rendered a unanimous decision? Frankly, I can’t recall and I follow this stuff.

Second, why do you think McDonnell’s actions in this case, actions which don’t pass the sniff test, were so willingly excused by the Progressive’s on the court?
HINT: No, it isn’t just about getting charges of Bribery against Robert Menendez (D) dropped. Could it be because this SCOTUS decision now gives an element of “cover” to the Clintons and their “play-for-pay” foundation should the current FBI investigation turn up indictable actions by the Clintons? That would be my guess.

Think of this decision as an insurance policy for the Clintons.


It also legitimizes MURDER. Waco, Ruby Ridge, Benghazi and over 1 Million children a year MURDERED by our GOVT…and how many years has this gone on? 20? or 20 Million!

Thank GOD that my mother did not have planned parenthood available or I may well not be writing this. Luckily for me, my adoptive parents lived on the same street as she did and I was taken by a family that wanted me…