SEAL who shot Osama Bin Laden


Obama doesn’t deserve to lick the mud off a SEAL’s boots.

SEAL Who Allegedly Shot and Killed Bin Laden Reveals Stunning New Details About the Raid — And You Won’t Believe How He Says the Gov’t Has Treated Him Since |


A very sad statement on our country


A very sorry picture is emerging regarding Obama, the progressive liberal movement inthis country, America’s security and this administration arming our enemies. This as well as drastic cuts in America’s presence throughout the world. What does this suggest?


Hey Obama! You disgusting POS! Why aren’t the Flags at Half Staff for Chris Kyle?


He’s a definitley a hero with 35 kills under his belt(Every man and woman serving is a hero IMO) but he walked away four years shy of being eligible for his pension. That’s the policy across the board for all branches of the military. Now maybe if you want to debate lowering the pension requirements, but really how is that the Presidents fault? As for his wartime pains, he can literally walk into any VA facility right now, anywhere in the U.S., and he would be seen and be treated. The government does provide 180 days of transitional health-care benefits, but this guy is eligible only if he agrees to remain on active duty “in a support role,” or become a reservist. Either way, his life would not be his own. Instead, he’ll buy private insurance for $486 a month, but some treatments that relieve his wartime pains, like $120 for weekly chiropractic care, are out-of-pocket.


You miss my whole point. Point is: Obama has never done anything productive in his life. He’s been sucking at the Gubmit trough all his life. Nothing he’s done as President has helped the Country or it’s citizens. He lied his way into the White House and continues slurping from the trough at the expense of the taxpayers.


You mean that Bush AND Obama have allowed this to continue since 2000??? For shame…someone quitting a job before pension time has been “robbed”. After 16 years of service he is probably in his mid 30’s…too old and decrepit to get a job in civilian life. [/sarc]
And he had 5 YEARS of Medical Benefits that he apparently was unaware of.
I’d say…he got what he signed up for. Nobody changed the deal he went in for or pulled the rug out on him. As long as there are many more who WANT to be SEALS than are taken…I’d say the pay & benefits probably are just fine. BUT…

**If WE as a NATION want to determine that SEALS and other elite troops deserve DIFFERENT benefits than other soldiers…then where has the outrage been the last 13 years??? Where has THAT case been made?? Where are the Congressional BILLS to do just that? Has either Bush or Obama vetoed one? **Didn’t think so. :banghead:

Using this issue for political tirades is distasteful especially when there is little truth telling involved.