Sean Hannity reacts to Donna Brazile's admission of Clinton crimes


Wow. If this doesn’t undo the Hildabeest and send her to prison, nothing will.


No, the beast WILL NOT go to prison . . . we all know that.

But the next best thing will (and has already) come out of it. She has been marginalized and no longer has a voice in her own party. She will never again wield the power she once had.

Both slick Willy and her will remain eunuchs for the rest of their days.

Is that enough punishment for all their criminal activities? Not to some of us, but the loss of power to people like those two is, I’m sure, devastating to them.


Also, notice that the “revelation” was from last NOVEMBER. If anything was going to really happen to her, it would have by now.


For someone like the Beest, power hungry and frothing at the mouth for the WH throne, I do believe this is a fate worse than going to jail. Although, I bet she looks cute in orange. She or the Slob will never hold office again. That’s punishment severe enough for her.


Perhaps, like most accusations against her, it was buried by the lefty media. After all, they all were in her pocket. Even printed up a front cover with her picture saying something to the effect of her being elected president. In any event, it’s out now.


Can anyone tell me, if this story is true (and I’m inclined to believe it is), what exactly would Clinton being going to jail for?

Now I admit, I’m not all that up on the laws surrounding primaries, but as far as I know, the DNC or the RNC can fashion their primaries however they want. The DNC could have just said “Clinton is our candidate”.

Of course the facade of a free and fair election is what makes this disguising if it’s true, but can anyone tell me, better yet link me a source to a law that’s been broken?

In my opinion (again assuming it’s true), this is more an indictment of the DNC than it is Clinton.


I can’t link you to anything (too lazy), but off the top of my head I’d say two things occur to me:

  1. Her email situation . . . and, yes, Comey “excused” her. A more credible investigation would likely show several clear felonious violations of security.

  2. Her sale of Clinton Foundation favors while she was Sec of State. Again, a thorough and credible investigation would likely show felonious behavior.

You will notice that NEITHER of these items has anything to do with her disgusting behavior in the DNC. That is just a red herring to take the heat off her for those other things. It’s also just a simple example of Clinton sleeze.


That’s true, and the DNC is more guilty than she is, and that’s saying something.

I agree that the primary shenanigans were not violations of the law.


I was really referring to the OP who said:

Implying that the mess with the DNC was illegal.


You know, even though the DNC shenanigans were not illegal (since the Democrat party is in fact a non-government organization and makes its own rules), they could theoretically indirectly send Hillary to prison by stripping away the political influence that has placed her above (or at least beyond the reach of) the law. Not likely, but possible. I can at least imagine a reality where it happens that way… :confounded: