Sean Hannity the Latest Fox News Host to be Accused of Sexual Harassment


As predicted and it didn’t take long! :angry26:

Tulsa, OK - Columnist, attorney, and former Fox News contributor Debbie Schlussel appeared on today’s Pat Campbell Show and accused Fox News Prime Time Host Sean Hannity of the same type of behavior that lead to Bill O’Reilly leaving the beleaguered network earlier this week.

Among the allegations, Schlussel claims that while at an appearance in Detroit which they both attended, Hannity invited her back to his hotel room.

Schlussel says that after she turned down his advances, she was not invited back on his program.

“This kind of stuff is all over the place at Fox News and anything that has to do with Sean Hannity,” Schlussel said.

Sean Hannity the Latest Fox News Host to Be Accused of Sexual Harassment - Story


When we let their tactics work by treating them as credible enough to warrant a serious response as opposed to a Trump like head on return attack, they just keep using the same formula over and over with different targets.


Whether or not SH did or did not invite someone to his hotel room is not the point. in my travels I have invited many to my hotel room, men, women, teams, all the folks who worked for me and I wanted further, deeper discussion, often in a private setting where we kick back, have a drink, feet propped up on the coffee table and sort out some technical issue.

Has this at ANY TIME in all these years ever led to anything else? NEVER!!! WHY? That was never the purpose to begin with. These were engineers that worked for me. More often than not it was several of my most inner circle and we recapped the day, addressed lessons learned and discussed a future path based upon input from the days results. Often these meeting would last till almost the dawn.

Unusual, odd, not all all, just part of running a high performance operation.

I cannot speak for SH or B O’R, only myself.

Way back in my early days someone told me an old political joke and they used it as a example and I was told I should heed it as advice (this is supposedly a TRUE story):

LBJ called his VP to his office one day and asked as he came in to close the door. Hubert, are you SLEEPING with my Secretary?

NO Mr President, I am not!

Hubert, you must tell me the truth, ARE SLEEPING with my Secretary?

Mr President, please believe me, I have not and have not even desired to in any way!

GOOD, then YOU FIRE HER, because I am…