Seattle Antifa Has Taken Over

The media appears to be keeping silent on this.

Seattle Antifa Has Taken Over a Portion of the City & Plans to Take More

Trump is threatening to go in with force. I have a different approach. Let them continue in place. Starvation, disease and crime will smoke them out eventually. Let the rest of the country see where this movement is headed.

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That’s already happening. Police claim they were ordered to abandon, and refuse to attempt to respond to emergency calls from the zone.

Agree, Send. Let people see what the left actually stands for…

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The Mayor has called it a “Block Party” the Governor has denied all knowledge of it in a Wednesday news conference.

Anybody notice in the Governor’s news conference the man translating into ASL? He’s either on drugs or has ants in his pants.

Lol. Sometimes I doubt the legitimacy of these signers. Lol. I believe at least one was caught faking it.