Seattle Dem Congressional Candidate Stopped Driving Allegedly Stolen Van


Jesse Wineberry, a Seattle Democrat running for Congress, was detained after driving a van that was reported stolen and being extremely uncooperative with police. And now he’s claiming a “conspiracy” to stifle his political career, according to a police report.
Seattle Police Officer Benjamin Flick found a red Toyota that had been reported stolen in the 1500 block of Occidental Avenue South on July 20, according to the report. Wineberry, 61, was the driver and was asked repeatedly to exit the vehicle but did not comply.
After being asked three times to exit the van, he began to drive away from the officers but was quickly stopped. On the fifth command, Wineberry finally started to comply.

Seattle Dem Congressional Candidate Stopped Driving Allegedly Stolen Van, Claims ‘Conspiracy’ Against Him, Racist Treatment By Cops | Weasel Zippers

Here is a guy trying to claim racism and even accusing a black officer of being an uncle tom and trying to bait them into shooting him.

Do you think he has a leg to stand on?


What an idiot. All he had to do was tell them that he was a democrat & couldn’t be charged for anything. (wink)


Depending on his district, this incident might be a career enhancer.


Lawlessness and rule of man is a key plank in liberalism, just look at any far left country and you will see it in action every day. When the supreme leader does not like something they negate it, either by oppressive propaganda or like in so many cases across the world and even here in the US they suddenly die.

Look what has happened to SCOTUS since the sudden death of Scalia who IMO was murdered by the far left. One might note there was NOT an autopsy!!! How convenient…