Secede? A poll

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So, there’s been a bit of talk of secession on this forum, a lot more talk in other parts of the world, most notably the Texas house legislature chair who called for it after the scotus dismissal.. If this were to move forward:

What would this look like?

Is it a good idea?

Are they serious?

Is anyone here serious?


Raises a lot of questions.

1, Could it be a peaceful alternative to a violent civil war or the beginning of one?

  1. Maybe a India/Pakistan type: The left coast and New England versus everything else.

  2. How to split armed forces?

  3. Trade agreements? USMCA?

  4. Refugees from both states?

People are looking for a way out of our seemingly intractable polarization. I don’t have a solution but actual secession seems remote.

The left celebrates their sanctuary cities and sanctuary states. Perhaps we should take a page from history and adopt Nullification by the states to onerous regulations and statutes.
What’s good for the goose is good for he gander.

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I wish that we could have two countries. One for those of us who wish to live with freedom and capitalism, and another one for people like you, @Gene, for those who want communism.

That’s why I wish we could get rid of California which has given us Pelosi, the highly influential Gavin Newsome and soon to be President, Harris. All of them come from San Francisco, the most far left area of the country, and that sucks.

I doubt we’ll see an ACTUAL secession. What we probably WILL see, is a mass exodus from Blue States into Red States in order to turn them blue, too…then the utter destruction of our country from within…just like Kruschev predicted 60-odd years ago.

Yes, the thing that really bugs you are these people who move out of high tax states, like California, because “The taxes are killing me” and then vote in the same type of politicians who made California the hell hole it is.

The reason is the education system. It’s creating generations of socialists. This country will hell at the end of the next four years. The Democrats elites will open the borders so that they can be in power forever, live in their guarded and gated communities, let the rest of the population live like dogs.