Second woman accuses Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of sexual assault



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Delegate says he will introduce articles of impeachment against Lt. Gov. Fairfax

The optics are hilarious!:smiley:

White governor gets caught in blackface photo.

The result?

Black guy gets impeached.

Of course, you know that if Fairfax is forced out, the two “white racists” will have to be forced out in some way?

If not, how will the Democrats be able to use “Trump is a Racist” for their 2020 campaign?:confused:


Order of succession in virginia …

•Only Gov. Northam Resigns: Gov. Justin Fairfax (D), acting Lt. Gov. Steve Newman ®, Attorney General Mark Herring (D)

•Only Lt. Gov. Fairfax Resigns: Gov. Ralph Northam (D), acting Lt. Gov. Steve Newman ®, Attorney General Mark Herring (D)

•Only Attorney General Mark Herring Resigns: Gov. Ralph Northam (D), Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D), new AG named by GOP legislature.

•Northam and Fairfax Resign: Gov. Mark Herring (D), acting Lt. Gov. Steve Newman ®, new AG named by GOP legislature.

•Northam and Herring Resign: Gov. Justin Fairfax (D), acting Lt. Gov. Steve Newman ®, new AG named by GOP legislature.

•Fairfax and Herring Resign: Gov. Ralph Northam (D), acting Lt. Gov. Steve Newman ®, new AG named by GOP legislature.

•Northam, Fairfax, and Herring Resign: Gov. Kirk Cox ®, acting Lt. Gov. Steve Newman ®, new AG named by GOP legislature.


Sounds like chaos but that is expected when the voters choose a party of racist rapists to govern them :wink:


On the one hand, I’m delighted that the top three Democrats in Virginia have destroyed their own reputations and that there is at least some chance they may have to resign, leaving a Republican in charge!

But on the other, for blackface? Yes, I know it’s racist. But flip the table and imagine that a black person put some white crap all over his face and hands to appear white in a skit or something. Would anyone be offended? Would anyone even bother calling him racist? Could it even be called racism?

An awful lot of college students do something irreverent, defamatory and/or hurtful for fun. Why on earth is one of those, using “blackface,” singled out as being an offense so grievous that it could force a resignation thirty some years after the fact?

It’s been said that those on the left have no sense of humor. In this case it’s fun to watch the results. But it’s generally tedious and even dangerous to our nation’s health. Blacks of all political stripe should step up and say it’s no big deal.


The worst such offender has got to be Jimmy Kimmel who pretended to be a pro basketball player in a skit and faked an ebonics accent in an incoherent rant. It’s about as racist a demonstration as I’ve EVER seen on TV. Yet, he STILL has a highly-paid job on the networks.


What? He SUCKS! I have never once seen him be funny or entertaing in the least…


Here’s my take: Northam should NOT resign or be forced out for the yearbook pictures. It was racially insensitive behavior to be sure, but does not by itself rise to the level of behavior that is determinative of racial prejudice toward African Americans. Same goes for AG, Herring - IMHO. In my opinion, Northam has a FAR BIGGER issue hanging over his head - proposing infanticide. As for his impeachment for such statements - well, is it a crime to espouse support for late term/post term abortion? I’m not aware that it is. So, if it is not a crime on what grounds is Northam to be impeached?

As for Lt Gov, Justin Fairfax - there are two women from his past - reportedly both Democrats - that have come forward to ACCUSE him of sexual assault/rape. I hear there may be an acquaintance of one of the accuser’s who claims she was told about the alleged incident shortly after it allegedly took place. In addition, one of the accusers, has told her story in considerable detail. To my knowledge, these are only ALLEGATIONS at this point - neither allegation has been investigated and Fairfax claims he is innocent of wrongdoing - he does indicate he had a consensual sexual encounter with one of the accusers.

Might Fairfax be innocent - yes. Might he be guilty - yes. Unless and until this matter has been investigated, I would encourage we do not act like Democrats and assume guilt here - guilty until proven innocent doesn’t play well.

All this being said, unless more damaging/irrefutable detail/evidence comes out about “The Three Stooges”, I hope they keep their jobs. Their continued, festering presence pretty much blows a hole in the Dem’s effort to paint themselves as the party of women and minorities.


No. When has hypocrisy ever hurt a Democrat’s reelection?


I would agree wholeheartedly, Doc…IF it weren’t for the FACT that for the next couple of years until the next elections, they could do irreversible damage to the State of Virginia…much like the last governor did. We need to have CONSISTENCY. If Dimwits can damage GOP politicians with bogus accusations–and they routinely DO just that–then the GOP SHOULD be able to turn the tables on them. I, too, am concerned with finding someone “guilty” without “proof.” But, what constitutes “proof” in this climate? When someone commits a rape, it’s usually done in strict privacy and, unless there’s a hidden camera somewhere recording it, it’s nearly ALWAYS a matter of “he said, she said,” particularly if the woman reacts like most rape victims do and rushes to the nearest shower or bathtub to clean the filth of her attacker off (and out) of her body. The reality, then, always boils down to WHO is believable. Democrats will always choose to “believe” the accuser IF the putative “rapist” is a Republican–especially a Republican politician. Republicans can continue to take the “high road” and demand a thorough “investigation”, but to what end? They will always LOSE unless we can somehow get the media to return to absolute honesty in their reporting–and the chances of THAT happening are next to zero.


Seems they forgot about the time a few years back when Whoopie Goldberg and her then boyfriend Ted Danson went to a Halloween party in blackface… “Animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”



I remember that; and she defended him.


Hey, CT. Seems that I recall you longing for cold weather. How’re you holding up these days???


I absolutely agree with this.
Conservatives should make careful distinctions here, and, in the case of the blackface nonsense, say “Oh, grow up!”

The rape allegations should be taken seriously … but not automatically believed, especially if the women involved are Republicans, just as we did not automatically believe the sort-of-maybe-it-was-him allegations of that obviously poiitically motivated Leftist woman against Judge Kavanaugh.

Of course, the Left is not going to grow up. They are literally being driven by their youth generation, who are so holier-than-thou So, Yahoo!!! More please!!!


The women accusing Fairfax of sexual misconduct and even rape are BOTH other Democrats. In that, the situation is markedly different from the accusations thrown at Justice Kavanaugh in which ALL of his accusers were Democrats accusing a Republican nominee. These women don’t have an obvious political motive for accusing Fairfax of wrongdoing, not to say that there ISN’T one.


Yes, if I were forced to offer an opinion on the guilt of the Lieutenant Governor, I’d say he was gulty of … something … whether or not it was actually forcible rape or not.

The problem is, in the war between the sexes, there is a wide spectrum between getting consent in writing with two witnesses, on the one hand, and leaping out of the bushes with a cosh and knocking her over the head and dragging her off, on the other. …

And ‘candy is dandy but liquor is quicker’ should be part of common knowledge for young people of both sexes … which doesn’t mean Rohypnol is cricket.

Plus …although we’re not supposed to say this, there are women who like a ‘bit of rough’. And others, not necessarily a non-intersecting set, who like to tease, once they have learned that, for many men, there are circumstances in which the little head takes over thinking from the big one. (Dr Johnson observed that “Nature, having given women so much power, the law wisely allows them but little.” Times have changed, of course. but his observation regarding female power is still valid.)

Plus … we’re evolving. Beliefs and activities that were not seen by wider society as wrong in 1850 are viewed in a very different light today. Same goes for 1960, even 1990. (Although the Lieutenant Governor’s alleged offenses are too recent to let him use this defense.)

It’s wonderful to watch the Left wrestle with this problem: on the one hand, it’s a powerful weapon to use against conservatives, especially if they can convince the public to simply ‘believe the woman’ regardless of any corroborating evidence. The Left has a powerful attraction for little mini-Robespierres, keen to drag sinners to the guillotine. The Left believe humans are perfectable, if only the State has weapons powerful enough to enforce Perfection. They can’t stand real, imperfect people.

On the other … they can’t really be seen to be saying “It’s okay when our side does it”, when women like these two Democrats decide they can’t take the hypocrisy anymore.

Anyway, the Lieutenant Governor’s accusers should say just what they mean by ‘rape’. Did they drink half a pint of bourbon with him and go back to his room and lie down on his bed? What exactly happened?

And … just out of interest … I wonder what they now think about Bill Clinton … didn’t he have some pretty credible charges of hemi-demi-semi-rape made against him? Not to mention John F Kennedy. But the Left dismissed those charges against Clinton, as i recall, with one or two honorable exceptions.

In any case, I sure hope the Republicans act like the adults here, and don’t go for temporary advantages by endorsing the new Lynch Law of the Left. (Although given the disgraceful attempt to impeach Bil Clinton, I don’t really expect it.)


I understand that at least the first one is a Democrat (it was at a DNC convention).

I haven’t heard the actual word “rape” used; “sexual assault” was the term I’ve been hearing, which can cover a number of things of varying degrees of seriousness (not an absence of seriousness, but actual rape is more serious than groping a clothed woman, for example).


“Disgraceful attempt to impeach Bil (sic) Clinton?” What was “disgraceful” about it? He wasn’t impeached for being a rapist or a sexual libertine. He was impeached for LYING (perjury), encouraging others to lie under oath (suborning perjury) and destroying evidence of both of those charges…and he actually DID all three of those things, irrespective of the cowardly Senate’s verdict in the end. Each is a felony punishable by federal law by imprisonment of up to 8 years. Guilty as charged, had he been ANYONE except President, he’d have done up to 24 years, meaning he’d not have gotten out of prison until 2022!