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Thomas Jefferson blew this justification out of the water over 200 years ago using logic and the precise phrasing of The Constitution:

II. Nor are they within either of the general phrases, which are the two following:

  1. To lay taxes to provide for the general welfare of the United States, that is to say, “to lay taxes for the purpose of providing for the general welfare.” For the laying of taxes is the power, and the general welfare the purpose for which the power is to be exercised. They are not to lay taxes ad libitum for any purpose they please; but only to pay the debts or provide for the welfare of the Union. In like manner, they are not to do anything they please to provide for the general welfare, but only to lay taxes for that purpose. To consider the latter phrase, not as describing the purpose of the first, but as giving a distinct and independent power to do any act they please, which might be for the good of the Union, would render all the preceding and subsequent enumerations of power completely useless.

From: Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank, 1791

full text here:



Okay, you’ve made a case against government-owned schools. Like everything owned by the government, they are not discipined by the marketplace. Charter schools were supposed to provide some marketplace discipline, by providing consumer choice. But apparently you think they haven’t worked either.

So … are you against any government involvelment at all? That is, do you believe education should be a purely private matter … if parents want to send their children to a school, let them pay for it themselves … or if they don’t want to educate their children at all, that’s okay? Education then, would be like movies … we don’t have government-run theatres, and we don’t subsidize movie tickets, and we don’t require parents to send their children to movies … it’s purely up to the parents. Are you saying school should be like this?


In a word, YES, Doug. Educating one’s children is the SOLE responsibility of those children’s parents…NOT the government and ESPECIALLY not the federal government. If parents are too ignorant or too lazy to be bothered with educating their kids, what makes YOU think that the feds, or ANY level of government, can do a better job of it? Parents, in general, DO want their children well-educated. If not, then why do you suppose that when New Orleans opened up 200 “slots” for school choice, there were THOUSANDS of parents who applied?


While there is no provision in the U.S. Constitution which justifies federal involvement in education, there is also no provision which forbids involvement of the individual states. Most parents want their children educated but there are those that don’t care or have less than honorable motives, the FLDS, for example. Autonomy of LOCAL school boards with some statewide oversight is ideal with We The People controlling them through the ballot box.


It’s perfectly possible – in theory, anyway – for government to be involved in education, without dictating more than minimal standards. We’ve done this for 200 years – via state governments. They do this in two ways: make it illegal not to educate your children, and make it 'free of cost ’ (to you) to obey the law. The ‘free’ part can be, and usually is, carried out by opening government-run schools – albeit government at the local/state level. (With the state dictating standards and the local boards doing the admin.) Usually these government schools have a monopoly – you’ve got no choice as to where to send your child. But … in the last couple of decades we’ve seen the ‘charter school’ movement, driven mainly by Black parents who don’t like the crappy quality of their local government-monopoly school. (Conservatives have long known that monopoly is bad, and government monopoly is doubly-bad.) It’s one area where we have some appeal to minority commmunities, and where the liberal/Left are split between the ones who really care about kids, and ones who really care about teachers unions.

There is also the solution of vouchers – just give each parent the equivalent of the money that would be spent on their child going to a government-monopoly school, and let them spend it on any school they please.

I really think everyone who is against ANY government involvement in education – at any level, in any form whatsoever – should really think again. The nature of government – the fact that it is not subject to immediate market feedback, and can coerce us with force – indeed makes it something we should be careful about : a dangerous servant and a fearful master, or something like that.

But … it doesn’t always have to be bad. The USMC is a purely government operation, and it is, I think, pretty good at what it’s supposed to do … as are the other services. (Not perfect, for sure. Lots of waste involved in the military, lots of career-minded bureaucrats recently eager to serve their PC masters and destroy the military from within in the process … but a heck of a lot better than relying on voluntary militia.)

So … please think again!!!


Actually, there are state governments which are now teaching very young school children the new sexual orthodoxy. I’m with the get-the-government-out-of-education crowd.


Doug, I never said that. All schools should be run by either religious organizations or businesses. Yes, parents should pay tuition for their child’s education. Tuition should be mandatory for all children, even the poorest. The other option is, of course, homeschooling which is huge in the US these days. And cheap. In addition, all teacher must be classically trained and depts. of education in colleges should be classically trained as well. Teacher unions and/or federations, the dept. of education, and all other entities should be shut down and disposed. There are many, many private and independent schools here who run on nothing but tuition and fundraising and these kids are well educated and score in the highest of education tools.

I am more supportive of charter schools than you think. Those charter schools that mandate strict rules of conduct, dress, and curricula should be continued except with classically trained teachers. I have a question for you: _If government-run charter schools have greater success at educating children, why can’t public schools do the same?_Most of the people here on RO know me and know very well my views on education. Being a teacher, classically trained, for over 25 years, I have a pretty good idea of what goes on in the education realm.


Someone once opined as far back as the 1940’s that “Colleges of Education should, like unwanted litters of kittens, be placed in a bag and drowned in the nearest river.” Colleges of Education (COE’s) have degenerated into refuges for those unable or unwilling to stand up to the rigors of other disciplines. I know of dozens of kids who were ill-educated in K-12 public schools, who entered college ambitious to learn engineering, computers, business, medicine, law or even philosophy who wound up changing their majors to “education” in order to complete their undergrad degrees and become “marketable”. With a degree in “education” you are usually singularly unqualified to do anything other than teach, and you usually teach what YOU’VE been taught…leftist dogma, for the most part. We need to return to teaching our KIDS how to think critically and use reason to solve problems–especially SOCIAL problems. If we do that, COE’s will die on the vine–to mix a metaphor.


Okay, I think I see your position.
Not too different from mine, except … I worry a lot about the Left’s ability to distort decent political programs/proposals, so … we have to be very clear that we are PRO-Education, and that we do NOT want a situation in which a child born in poverty, to irresponsible parents, will necessarily not get a good education. (Obviously, such an unfortunate child has a good chance of getting a bad education, given who their peer group is likely to be, and the example set by the parents … but we have to try to counteract this to the extent we can. )

Also: I don’t think we should oppose unions per se. Finland has strong unions, and a pretty good education system (although they’re slipping). The AFT in the US has a much better position on real education – ie ‘classical’ education – than the much bigger NEA. If you read their (the AFT’s) journal, they sometimes run columns by Dan Willingham, who is on the side of the angels when it comes to genuine education. Where teachers’ unions go wrong is in defending incompetent teachers … okay that’s what a union is for, I suppose, but … here we have to fight them. But on things like wages and conditions, we should not automatically assume they’re wrong.

Are you familiar with Sig Engelmann and his ‘Direct Instruction’ program? If not, I think you would appreciate it. It’s close to the ‘traditional’ method of teaching – ie. the kids actually learn things. I’ve posted information about it here before. Every conservative should know about it, and should know what happened when, in the early 70s, the Federal Government ran a big test to see which sort of teaching methods actually improved results.

I think we also should be big champions of Ed Hirsch’s Cultural Literacy ideas.

You would also appreciate, if you do not know about it, the Michaela School in the UK. Google on it and you will be pleasantly surprised … I think it’s right up your alley. (And mine. And anyone who cares about the education of children.) Needless to say, the Left in the UK absolutely loathe it and did everything they could to keep it from starting up … and they would love to shut it down.

The Left love to portray conservatives as enemies of anything publically funded, except the military. They are delighted when they can tell teachers that we despise them, or at least despise all teachers in public schools. We must not fall into this trap. It’s the Left who are enemies of education, enemies of children actually learning anything, and enemies of good teachers, who actually want to teach in a safe, orderly, disciplined environment.

AND … this is an issue where we can win a substantial number of the liberal base over. The average liberal is NOT a hard-core leftie who wants to bring American society down. They actually care about the education of children … and since we do too, and since we actually have the solution to the problem … we can undermine the Left’s support here.


Have you ever taken the time to actually READ the NEA’s “position paper” after one of their national conventions? Almost NONE of it has the least to do with “educating” kids. It’s a left-wing manifesto–supporting everything from abortion on demand and gun confiscation to doing way with the military altogether and re-directing the defense budget to higher salaries for teachers.


No, I’ve never read the NEA’s material, or at least not with any regularity. I know what the standard leftist line on education is, and I would be surprised if the NEA said anything new here. I read the Columbia University Teachers College Record from time to time, to keep up with Leftist thinking on the subject, and try to read anything writting in English on Mathematics Education from whatever source.

Although it’s painfully clear that most ‘educational research’ is vacuous, even where it’s not just leftist attitudinizing. [Leftists are capable of writing some useful things, it must be said: the leading Leftist thinker on Mathematics Education is Stanford’s Jo Boaler, a hard leftist. But some of her books on teaching mathematics have useful ideas. It’s too bad she has said, on record, that children do not need to learn their times tables … I wonder if she really believes that?]

The best single source on education in general is Education Next. A cognitive psychologist who really understands how we learn things, and who is not subject to the fads of the ed-world (like ‘learning styles’), is Dan Willingham. His **Science and Education blog is must reading for anyone interested in real education.

The single most important factor in producing well-educated children is the quality of the teachers. If teaching is not paid well, and/or if the students are unpleasant to be around, you will perhaps get a few saints teaching, but most of your teaching staff will be mediocre at best, especially at the 6-12 level.

Pay teachers well, and get the disrupters, thugs, and wasters into that school-to-prison pipeline as quickly as possible, and you’re on your way to a decent educational system.

But we do need to change the curriculum. The curriculum, after sixth grade, ought to reflect the needs and abilities of the student. Charles Murray said that we ask too much of the bottom third, and too little of the top, and I agree with him.

It’s pointless, in my opinion, to try to make every child learn how to factorize a quadratic equation, and it’s wrong to believe that the success of an educational system can be measured by what percentage of its graduates go on to college.

Our system has been shaped by the middle class, without much consideration for the needs of working class kids, and we have ended up with a large number of kids going to third-rate colleges where they don’t learn much of anything useful.


When I was in HS, we were given a CHOICE of what we wanted to learn by giving us a choice of classes (beyond a few MANDATORY subjects such as English, math and science). Even with THOSE mandatory subjects, we were given a choice. We could take Algebra, for example, and satisfy the required math credit and skip having to take trigonometry, plane and solid or analytic geometry, or calculus unless we were aiming towards an eventual engineering degree in college. We could choose to take literature instead of journalism, creative writing or grammar unless we were aiming towards a literature or journalism degree later in college. We could take biology to satisfy our science requirement instead of physics or chemistry. You get the idea.


There is much about what you say that is good. However, you seem to have a difficult time understanding that education, for any child, is the RESPONSIBILITY of the parents, not the government. My complaint with most “educrats” and those who distinguish themselves as “experts” is that usually they haven’t stepped foot in a classroom. What they know is purely theoretical. What is taught in colleges and universities is Marxist babble. I finished my education later in life and I was lucky that there were still some professors who were true educators. Then there were others who were there for a pay check. I managed to graduate with a 4.0 GPA because I knew how to regurgitate the nonsense spewed from their mouths. One “professor” I had wore ripped up jeans, T-shirts and flannel shirts, had long curly hair, had a beer gut, was crude and nasty like you’d find in some neighborhood bar. All he needed was a beer in one hand and a babe in the other. Disgusting. And this was a PRIVATE university with accolades up the ying-yang. The universities and colleges today are dens of iniquity. Do you know that incoming freshmen in most colleges/universities have to take a course I call, “How to be a college student” and it’s MANDATORY!! They can’t take any credit courses until they take and pass this class. Why? Because they have absolutely no idea how to do much of anything. They can barely read, they have little or no knowledge of English grammar, classical literature, how to use the scientific method, how to write an outline, how to write a paragraph, how to solve simple mathematical problems without a calculator, and how to find their way through a map. They don’t know how to take notes, understand a textbook, or how to navigate through a library. It’s sad. And, that is why they have to take this course. The expectations of students in college are so low that any schlub can get a degree. It’s just a big mess and it is going to take decades and decades to fix it. Problem is, it can’t be fixed. Teacher unions are totally corrupt. Believe me. I invite you to look up Marva Collins from Chicago. She has since died, but she will give you a good idea of what she went through teaching in the Chicago Public Schools and dealing with the Chicago Board of Education. She was a classically trained teacher and I spent sometime with her. A real educator. Here is the Wikipedia article on her:


I had heard about her. She was a SERIOUS danger to establishment “educators” and HAD to be shut down.


That’s exactly correct, Papa. She was told by the Chicago Bd of Ed that she was expecting too much from the poor, black children in her classes. She was aghast at this and fought with them for over 20 years. They kept telling her that these children were “un-educatable”. She expected her children to rise to the occasion. Just because they were poor and came from dysfunctional backgrounds was no excuse for being lazy in school. That’s why after 20 years, she left the Chicago Public School and started her own school in her basement. She started with a handful of students, but before long, she had so many who were excelling in higher education she opened her own school right in the middle of a very poor, black area of Chicago. Her school was named Westside Preparatory School. She operated her school for decades without accepting a single dime from the government–state, county, or federal. She ran her school on tuition and fundraising. Her students were phenomenally educated and most went on to prestigious colleges and universities. Sadly, she died in 2015 and her school closed. What a terrible loss!


Marva Collins??? I LOVE (the late) Marva Collins, and regularly post links to the 60 Minutes two-part series on her school, which is on YouTube, along with links to Sig Engelmann leading young Black kids through an algebra lesson from the 60s. The present-day incarnation of Marva Collins is Katherine Birbalsingh, and her ‘Michaela’ school in London.

I don’t believe education should be left to parents. There are too many bad, or inadequate parents. That’s why we have, and should have, compulsory education laws, and why we need to fund education socially, the way we fund the Marine Corps. It’s essential to national survival to have a literate population.

I sense a deep pessimism here. People are what they are, and they’re not angels. Some people call it ‘Original SIn’ and they’re absolutely right. Others point to our evolutionary descent, and they’re right too.

But … we can improve things. There are plenty of people who want their children to get a real education. We know how to do it, because we are not captive to EdSchool Leftist follies. I believe a lot of teachers would love to teach in a proper school, where they are respected, where the wasters and thugs are promptly ejected, where they are teaching real knowledge and not fuzzy politically-correct liberal la-la land bromides.

We must not come across as pessimistic, sour, misanthropes, who just want to protect our little patch of ground and watch the rest of the world slide into hell.

Almost fifty years ago, a gang run by Bernadine Dorhn and Bill Ayers tried to blow up GI’s and their dates at Fort Dix. Instead they blew themselves up. Dorhn and Ayers walked free, and became ‘distinguished professors of education’, where they, with others, have succeeded in doing a millions times more damage to the US than their dynamite would have done, had their members known how to wire up a circuit.

They want to destroy education and replace it with indoctrination.

These are good enemies to have, and we should not hesitate to propose a constructive alternative to the system of failure they are spreading. Most people want their children to get a real education. We should fight the Left on this battlefield. And we can win.


BS. The feds have NO BUSINESS funding or interfering in any fashion with educating our children. If the founders believed they SHOULD be involved, they’d have provided for it when they wrote the Constitution in the first place.


Ever heard of keeping your mouth shut? You don’t have to blab everything you know.


Hmmm… I guess you’re right. ISIS are well-known for respecting the Geneva Conventions, and in the face of a silent prisoner who refused to answer their questions, would, of course, not do anything to make them talk.

But, if for some reason they did do something that made it impossible for their prisoner to remain silent, he would – according to certain people – be compelled to tell them the Truth. Doesn’t seem very smart to me.

Hey, I’ll bet Donald Trump wouldn’t tell them the truth. But of course he’s had lots of practice at this.


So I take it that you believe the Republican Party should announce that the Federal Government should close down all programs except those explicitly mentioned in the Constitution … mainly, the armed forces and the diplomatic corps? Starting with Medicare and Social Security?