Second woman accuses Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of sexual assault


It would have been MUCH smarter for the government to have mandated everyone put their money into the stock market in the same percentages that they mandated putting it into the so-called “Trust Fund,” which never existed. If they had, those of us who put money into SS would be sitting on well over $1 million each in value…in some cases, over $5 million, depending on how it was invested. The second benefit is that the Dow would now be over 35,000 or so at a minimum.


I think I was not clear in the paragraph to which you’re replying. I said that having the government keep its hands off the economy – mainly – was a necessary, but not sufficient, condition for prosperity and freedom.

As for how the average Republican voter feels about Medicare and Social Security – I doubt many of them would like to abolish it, even if they were given back what they had paid into it. But that’s just my guess. The nearest thing I could find, in a quick search, to a survery of opinion was this:

Of course, I’m quite aware of how public opinion polls can be biased, by asking the ‘right’ sort of question.
Perhaps if they asked Republicans if they would like to abolish the Social Security system, and Medicare, but with everyone who had paid taxes into it getting their money back … perhaps they would say yes. But I doubt it.

The problem is, in human society, we’re all dependent on other people. If I plan for my retirement without any government involvement, I have to be dependent on private companies. Ones which are run by crooks like Mr Trump will, from time to time, declare bankruptcy and walk away from their obligations. i can try to ‘spread my bets’ (and I do, in my own personal investing), and try to exercise ‘due diligance’ etc … but humans are just not 100% reliable and dependable.

The main problem with Social Security and Medicare is not that it ‘limits our freedom’, but that these systems are largely free of market constraints. Politicians will curry favor with voters by increasing benefits, without increasing the taxes necessary to pay for them. This is a real problem.

Also: note that ANY monopoly – and government is the supreme monopoly – is a threat to freedom. The private business called Amazon has begun to refuse to sell certain books that Progressives disapprove of. Well, I guess it’s their right – I can always go to one of their competitors, ha ha. But I note that the American government has NOT censored these books. They don’t have to – the private business Amazon is doing it in a much more effective manner.

There is no system that will guarantee liberty, if the masses of people are indifferent to it. That’s our problem.


I live just outside of Richmond and you hear nothing on this or on the other two (Governor, Attorney General)!

Down the rabbit hole on all three!

Just imagine if the three of them had been Republicans!


Yes, our original education system was approved by parents, and sponsored by churches. It started going down hill once the government took over.


Well, yeah. The government’s only tool is force, and you cannot effectively force knowledge, neither the teaching of it nor the learning.