See a diffrence?


Over a driving beat, the lyrics (translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute) grow increasingly bellicose. “We don’t want no truce or bargain,” they proclaim. They exhort the missiles to “explode in the Knesset” and “terrorize Tel Aviv,” while mocking the Israelis in bomb shelters who "cower with fear."
There have been many Israeli war songs over the years. Indeed, the endless conflict with the Arabs has engendered some of Israel’s most enduring music. But most of it revolves around a longing for peace and the desire for normality. An Israeli equivalent of “Strike a Blow at Tel Aviv,” ecstatic at the prospect of killing the enemy, is virtually unthinkable.

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While there are some even on this site who support Hamas the reality is if left alone Israel would not have to arm themselves or resort to retaliating after patiently enduring constant attacks.