See through the wall weapons


The Pentagon’s research and development agency has made a critical first step in a program that could give soldiers the ability to see through physical barriers.
According to postings on FedBizOpps, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has awarded the University of Minnesotaand the University of Central Florida at least $1 million each for a program called Revolutionary Enhancement of Visibility by Exploiting Active Light-fields, or REVEAL. (DARPA did not immediately respond to Nextgov’s request for more details about awardees.)
The program aims to tap into the information stored in photons – light particles – to get hints as to what objects or threats might be surrounding a viewer, according to a May blog post describing the project.

DARPA Awards Contracts for See-Through-Walls Technology -

Years ago there was a movie that had such a device.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Eraser (1996) - IMDb


There already IS such a device. It’s called infrared imagery and it allows a sniper to spot a target hiding behind a wall and, in some cases, shoot them THROUGH the wall–especially using a .50 caliber Barrett with metal-piercing ammo. It will shoot through a BRICK or stucco wall.