Self-Inflicted: The End Of #Hillary2016 – The Rise Of #Trump2016


The long time die hard Hillary support group has thrown in the towel!:howler:

A very long article but well worth reading.
(I also derived Great Pleasure from the comments made by the ‘newly enlightened’)

Well … bye!:eusa_boohoo:

The truth hurts. Writing the truth as we see it hurts us. But we write the truth and months later, or years later we are proven 100% correct.

Trump supporters don’t trust us because of our history with Hillary.

Trump supporters also don’t want to risk the “Trump is a Hillary plant and the proof is how HillaryIs44 says nice things about Trump” trap that by now even the dumbest cannot continue to promulgate.

Hillary Clinton supporters likewise are upset that we are not serving Clinton kool-aid and instead writing analysis that is so obvious to all but those who refuse to acknowledge reality and prefer to spin themselves into oblivion.

Self-Inflicted: The End Of #Hillary2016 – The Rise Of #Trump2016 — Hillary Is 44