Self-service checkouts are turning shoppers into a generation of THIEVES


They are already a major source of frustration.
But self-service checkouts may not just be sending stress levels soaring – they could also be turning honest shoppers into thieves.
A Leicester University report has revealed that a shop’s losses are more than double when self-service technology is used.

While some of the items may have found their way into shopping bags by mistake, others are likely to have been pilfered – and not just by hardened criminals.
Interviews with supermarket managers and staff suggest that normally honest people give into temptation when left to scan their own shopping.

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Frankly I prefer regular checkouts for the simple reason that things can be confusing. By no means am I so tech deficit that I can not figure things out but there are some items that one needs help on.


Self-service checkouts are turning shoppers into a generation of THIEVES
I think that it’s kind of a shame that we blame the self service machines instead of the people.
I once walked out of Walmart with a case of cokes in the bottom of the basket that I didn’t pay for. I didn’t even think about them until I was unloading the basket into the car. For some reason I was in a hurry & had to be somewhere so I left. My next visit I bought another case & had the checker charge me for 2. She was a little surprised but that’s just what you do. An honest mistake doesn’t make you dishonest. Being dishonest makes you dishonest.


I always use the regular checkouts for fear of making mistakes - and I’m more afraid of cheating myself than the store!


I’m just starting to use the self checkout things. My wife is good at it. Me, well I more or less suck at it. I think that I have maybe used them 4 or 5 times & not screwed something up once. I guess that’s part of getting older & dealing with new technology.


I like the self checkouts because they are much faster than waiting for someone to argue prices with a cashier, but I hate the stores that ONLY have self checkouts because so many people don’t understand how they work and store employees are continually “helping” them; which takes much longer than just having the store employee do it in the first place.


**but I hate the stores that ONLY have self checkouts because so many people don’t understand how they work and store employees are continually “helping” them; which takes much longer than just having the store employee do it in the first place. **
That was probably me in front of you.


The problem, in my Medical Marijuana area, is that so many checkout clerks are so slow, so spaced, so incompetent…and the customers aren’t helping much. ESPECIALLY at Wally World - the People of Wal-Mart, indeed.

Invariably the line I get into is the line that JUST STOPS. I look around at the people who get in line the same time…they’re ALWAYS through long before me, in other lines. Some cosmic power has it in for me.

So I prefer the self-serve checkouts. EVEN THOUGH those machines make as many mistakes as the checkout clerks. Sale price not programmed in; and even bad change. I had one of those machines stiff me $1.10; and then a minute after I went after the “helper” the machine spit out the dollar and ten. While the next customer was using it.

As for being a thief: It’s wrong; the cost is high when spotted…when, not if; because if someone gets away with it once he’ll do it again and again; and the savings are minimal. Not even wages - why bother? I have more self-respect than that.

Obviously, in this era of face tattoos and bleats for Socialism, not many others do.


Funny I was thinking about this and several points came up. I use the checkouts with clerks and inadvertently I run into the one with the trainee on it who takes forever to do anything. Then there is the one where the customer brings up merchandise that has no price or whips out a ton of coupons. How about the customer who gets in line and talks on their telephone and holds the line up. I really enjoy a line where the customer and thee clerk decide that the people waiting behind can just wait while they gab for several minutes. Of course there is the young lady cashier who talks to the “Cute” guy hoping to get lucky later while customers are waiting to get through. The same young lady who then grunts at the next customer who is older after being cheerful with the “cute” guy.


On the topic of poor service. I’m sure all of us older people look at the youth today & mostly see incompetence. A big part of that is probably because we are older & wiser & much more aware of what we project to others. I’m betting that the generation before us looked at us the same way. Is it true that we have lost something each generation, I tend to think so. I know that when I was in the military if someone had told me to charge a hill with a machine gun on it I would have assumed either they were crazy or they thought I was crazy. Yet past generations have done just that in the name of freedom. Of course maybe each generation has slackers & we just notice them because they work in jobs that we all come in contact with (like grocery checking). I tend to give them a break when I deal with them but that’s just me. I think that the truth is that many will turn around & become worthwhile, but of course some won’t.


I mention young clerks but in that mix are older checkers who gossip or move so slow that you wonder why you got in that line. I am sure this happens to everyone in going in a short line expecting to get out quickly only to discover that the line moves so slow while the line you vacated gets the people out right away.

Most checkers I encounter are cheerful and try to get people through the line and wish customers a pleasant day as they leave.


One day I was in Walmart & happened to get in the checking line of an “older” lady. I’ll qualify that word older by saying that I’m OLD & this lady appeared to me to be about the age of my mother’s older sister (if she had one). So she was OLD. Anyway she was also about as slow & one would expect a person of that age would be. As I was waiting for my turn & thinking that I should have known better than getting in her line a thought came to me. And I think others might ponder this thought when the same thing happens to you.
I doubt that this lady is working because she wants to see how the other half lives. Probably not because she want to give more to charity. No, I’m betting that she is working at that age to make ends meet & to be able to support herself. Walmart (the store most liberals hate) is one of the very very few stores that would hire someone that old (or for that matter handy capped, because they hire them too). With that thought in mind I thought what an ass I was to look at my time the way I did. I became proud of her & the job that she was doing. In this day & age many 20 year olds would be living in government housing with their hands out in her place. So once I looked at it that way I have never been in a hurry when I get a checker like that.
On the same note. In an old WM store that closed the greater was a little old lady in a wheel chair. Every time we went there we were greeted with a Welcome & how are you today? She was a fixture in that store. So much so that people would go to her to show their receipts before they left so she wouldn’t have to move her chair. She was there for years & I doubt that she ever met anyone that she wasn’t happy to see & she brightened everyone’s day. I just think that ANY store no matter what they do or sell that gives someone like that a chance to hold up their head by working earns my loyalty.


It just occurred to me that I never see any really young people manning the registers at our local Walmart. I see some that are relatively young (face it, next to me, nearly everyone fits that category!), but I don’t think I ever see any that are not at least in their thirties.


Not in a long time. As a longtime Walmart patron, I recall seeing, LONG AGO, a lot of kids working there.

Not so much anymore. Today’s Bernie-ized youth are just sooo past that…Walmart is for losers. WE WANT FREE!!