Sen. Barbara Boxer Tries and Fails To Explain Catholicism To A Priest


Sen. Barbara Boxer, who once dressed down a Army brigadier general who called her “ma’am,” tried to shame a Catholic priest for not agreeing with Pope Francis on matters of climate change, which fall outside the magisterial authority of the Church.
Watch the exchange here:

The “Rev. Nelson” Boxer was referring to is a Methodist minister (and not a scientist!) who is ideologically aligned with herself on the issue of climate change.
First, some basic Catholicism: the pope is not infallible unless he is speaking *ex cathedra *(“from the chair”), something that has happened exactly twice in the entire history of the Church. (In 1854, when it was formally declared that the Blessed Virgin Mary had been conceived immaculately, without sin; and in 1950, when the Assumption of Mary was formally defined.) When the pope speaks about things outside the Magisterium, they are not infallible and nobody is bound to agree with His Holiness on the matter–including priests.

WATCH: Sen. Barbara Boxer Tries and Fails To Explain Catholicism To A Priest - Christine Rousselle

Boxer once again shows her ignorance of facts and no she is no scientist either.


I saw that and thought she was extremely arrogant and insulting. WE are her bosses and she has the nerve to talk to a private citizen in that fashion? She is what is wrong in our government. She is a loudmouthed rude harridan. I don’t understand how in the world she keeps her position. She should be kicked to the curb.

Isaiah 3:12

New Living Translation
Childish leaders oppress my people, and women rule over them. O my people, your leaders mislead you; they send you down the wrong road.


Sadly, Caroline, she is retiring, by her own rather than CA voters’ choice. I’m glad she will be out, but the two D candidates are bad(der?) and worse. One of them (“worse”) is Kamala Harris, the CA Attorney General who had David Daleiden’s home raided at PP’s behest (PP also contributed a tidy sum to her campaign … just a coincidence … right?).


I really don’t know what’s wrong with California. I worked there in my 20’s and I knew there were many sick people there.


Why, sadly, Pete? The lady has been drinking too much California wine before it was ready. Brain has been petrified, to my way of thinking. What I find sad, is NO ONE will talk back to her, as if she was the great Satan himself. They , I mean all the congressmen and women, are actually scared to death of her and her colleagues from California. Even the California conservatives ( i mean that loosely) seem to prostrate themselves before her throne.


I think the “sadly” refers to the fact that she didn’t go until she was ready instead of being run out of office on a rail.


ahhh, and would she have gone had the rail been installed? ----------------------I think not.


If the voters had said so, she would have been out of there. We’re not that far gone- yet…