Sen. Sessions to endorse trump


I must first apologize for my thinly veiled coverup of a bad word!

If True Sessions is a … Traitorous B@$-Tard!
(Just a headline at the moment)



Any other reason for the contempt other than he isn’t betting on your horse?



Throughout Sessions’ career as Senator, he has been a steadfast supporter of CRUZ. That’s why there’s a bit of a surprise here, to put it mildly.

NOT because he isn’t “betting on my horse”, but because he isn’t betting on HIS OWN horse.


BTW, I have to add that, way back when, I was wondering why Sen. Sessions wasn’t endorsing Cruz when practically asked to do so.

FWIW, it was around the time that Cruz was making his campaign speeches in Iowa. Sessions stood clear. As did Mike Lee, btw.
I wondered about that. My take is that they saw ‘something wrong in Denmark’ that we weren’t seeing. OR they’re as big of miscreants as the rest.


In my book, anyone who endorses Trump or Cruz is a true patriot. The Traitorous B@$-Tards are those who endorse a pro-Amnesty anchor-baby like the author of the Rubio-Schumer Amnesty Bill that Marco Rubio pushed through the Senate!


Sessions has made a career claiming to be a Constitutional Conservative, when he finally has a chance to endorse one for President he instead chooses a morally bankrupt Liberal with no conscience and no respect for the truth; I won’t say that I am surprised because this has been the GOP MO for decades but Sessions apparently had many convinced that he was “for real” until this event.


Neither stood with Cruz in Congress when he was fighting against the debt ceiling increase and many other things, Lee and Sessions are like Ann Coulter; they love the benefits of being viewed as Conservative but have little interest in actually being Conservative.


Lee has stood with Cruz many times. He has even appeared at several campaign events. He can’t endorse because he is close friends with Cruz, Paul, and Rubio and they all happened to run for President.


I don’t recall Lee taking the podium during the filibuster, I don’t recall Lee calling out McConnell publicly on anything or backing Cruz when he did it; Cruz has basically been alone in all the tough stuff.