Senate Dems Walking the Plank on Taxes


Senate Dems Walking the Plank on Taxes
December 11, 2010 - by Rich Baehr
Pajamas Media

Many of the 21 Democrats know that there is a big target on their backs in 2012 from GOP challengers, serving as they do in states that went heavily for the GOP in the 2010 midterms and that elected Republicans as senators in 1994. Now there is a new problem: if these Democrats support the president’s tax compromise with the Republicans, a plan that is very unpopular with the left-wing base of the party, they could face primary challenges from the left.

At least ten of the Democratic incumbents already looked vulnerable at the start of the 2012 cycle: Sherrod Brown in Ohio, Herb Kohl in Wisconsin, Claire McCaskill in Missouri, Robert Menendez in New Jersey, Ben Nelson in Nebraska, Bill Nelson in Florida, Debbie Stabenow in Michigan, Jon Tester in Montana, Jim Webb in Virginia, and Kent Conrad in North Dakota.

Looking forward to the 2012 election. If the damn-fool Rs would just demonstrate that they really are different … really have principles that aren’t gathering dust on a shelf …