Senate fails to pass bill protecting infants surviving abortion


I can see that’s a hard question for you…Nice deflection.


The question was directed at Dave because he made the comment that she never expressed a desire to die if she was in the state she ever ended up in, but I suspect Dave is like you, which just means that what she wanted is irrelevant as you and dave would force a person to stay alive regardless of the situation, even if they were suffering terribly you’d force them to endure that pain…Why?

I will when I have some more time, address your post.


I am amazed at how often you have never heard a single peep of anything negative about the absolutely despicable candidates that you support; what could possibly be your news sources if your echo chamber is that soundproof?


The New York Times? That liberal rag? Pfffft. :rofl:

The insinuation that FC and others here have made was that Obama and other Democrats support allowing parents to make the decision to kill any child simply because they don’t want it.

Since you feel like providing sources, maybe you could come up with one that shows this is a widespread democratic party stance.

As far as Obama supporting infanticide. It’s BS buried in a lot policy wrangling and manipulations of definitions in order to get people, like the people here on RO all stoked up that Democrats are evil baby killers.


I know; I was just putting my unasked-for two cents in… :slightly_smiling_face:


How did my screen name end up in your quote of CSB?.. :thinking:


I think he was acknowledging that I originally asked that question to you.


The context of your “source?” question was FC’s claim that Obama supported refusing medical care to babies who had managed to survive abortion attempts, Obama absolutely did refuse to support laws that required abortion butchers to care for their victims who somehow managed to survive the murder attempt.

I quoted the NYT to support what I said about your absolute ignorance of any information about the candidates that you support; even the NYT covered this story and they rarely EVER print anything that does not help the cause of baby butchering.

Apparently your news providers are so far Left of the NYT that even a story that saw nationwide coverage was effectively muted.

And your quote of Snopes is hilarious, surely you must know that the text of the bill is available to the public and further condemns Obama as not only a supporter of infanticide but also a liar when he said he would have supported the Bush bill had he been in the Senate at the time.

I guess when Snopes is your go to “fact checker” all truth is effectively muted.


Beppo O’Rourke will not support caring for infants who survive abortions. These people are vile disgusting ghoulish bastards.