Senate passes bill to ban slavery imports


The bill, known as H.R. 644, would block imports “made with convict labor, forced labor, or indentured labor” if signed into law by the president. H.R. 644 would eliminate the “consumptive demand” exception from the Tariff Act of 1930 that allows forced labor goods into the country if they are in short demand in the U.S. The Senate approved the bill 75-20 on Thursday.

I feel this is more to do with the whole black lies matter crowd and a push to force americans to bent to the racism of obama and the black caucus.


And who is going to monitor the imports and their origin? This is a pandered vote and nothing more. Appeasing the Black voter and making the GOP Elite look good in the face of their upcoming elections


We have to have another huge bureaucracy for that don’t you know.


I know for a FACT that the State of California buys tons of stuff from PIA - Prison Industry Authority - which oversees all the industries in which state convicts work in California state prisons. You name it, they make it, from furniture to clothing to dairy products - yes, they actually have cattle farms. Lots of state government offices are furnished with PIA made office furniture In fact, the little milk cartons prisoners drink from says PIA right on the side.

They even have a damm website: California Prison Industry Authority


So instead of being productive and learning a trade you would prefer they play hide the sausage?


That’s the second time you have totally twisted one of my posts into something I never said or intended to say!! The first was in the Catholic thread. That’s really annoying.

No, I am saying that the proposed Senate law is stupid. How can they pass a law that would block imports made with convict labor when we have entire state run industries that use convict labor - - which, by the way, is a win- win good deal for both sides, because it keeps the prisoners busy, and having a job is how they get their day-for-day “good time”, they get a few bucks to buy stuff at the prison store, and the state gets cheap products instead of shopping for them in China.


First of all you said Catholics do not know their religion LIE next you complain that those poor inmates have to work for a living guess what join the real world. Even when I worked for the state those retarded residents had jobs in which they earned money if they could handle it. Reality is a bitch. In both situations there is a trust fund they draw from. License plates have been made for years by the state. Prisoners even man computers. You would take all that and make it a country club where they would just play hide the sausage?

Yes I do believe with the current climate that ths is geared more toward all this slavery nonsense. Most of our clothes are made in third world countries. Other products are made in countries that have working conditions different than ours. Broad brushing stuff serves no purpose except to realize this is an attempt to create another layer of bureaucracy and a guilt trip on Americans by the black supporters who want reparations for things long ago and others suffered as well.
Blacks enslaved blacks and were even slave owners here.


No, that is not a lie. It is a known fact that the majority - not all, but the majority - of Catholics cannot crack open a Bible and defend Catholic practices Biblically. Its just a fact. Sorry. If you don’t believe me go join the Catholic Answers forum and ask around. Defending Catholic beliefs using the Bible is known as Catholic Apologetics. For example, if I asked you to demonstrate the office of Pope to me using only the Bible, could you? I can. I can for any other distinct Catholic belief too.

Ahh, now YOU are lying. I never once complained. Dot you see a complaint in that first post? I don’t, not at all. Why would I do that when I think PIA is a good thing. As I said, PIA is a win-win good deal for both sides, because it keeps the prisoners busy, and having a job is how they get their day-for-day “good time”, they get a few bucks to buy stuff at the prison store, and the state gets cheap products instead of shopping for them in China.

Are you feeling okay? Everything you just said is straight out of FantasyLand man, totally not true.
Now, you have a very nice day sir. Good day to you.


And why is this bill so bad? Should we be buying goods made from forced labor in other countries? Who cares about BLM; slavery in one form or another is still a reality in large parts of the world (just look at the chocolate industry), and we should be fighting against it.


I was addressing the “convict labor” portion. As for forced labor, one could argue that we can’t import anything from China anymore because of their horrible human rights. This opens the door to all sorts of mess. Different countries have different laws. This makes Trump’s tariffs look like peanuts.


I wasn’t referring to that, but specifically to foreign labor. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if we greatly reduced our imports from China; it could help jumpstart our own industrial base while also putting a hurt on third world employers who treat their workers little better than machines.


Oh, I agree with you on that one.


Looking through this tells me that another layer of bureaucracy would have to be created just to handle this. I notice as well a few goodies thrown in in which to clamp down on citizens.