Senate passes internet sales tax 69-27


S. 743: Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 –

It was supposed to be a close vote and it wasnt, so I guess that means theres not much chance of the house stopping this


Seeing as my own rep., his vileness, Rep Womack (R-AR), was spearheading this disaster, I doubt it.


Primary any GOP House member who votes for this and we won’t see it again for a Loooong time!


Well technically you’re *already *supposed to pay sales tax for on-line purchases, you buy something from an online retailer and you’re supposed to add and send in the taxes yourself. Can’t say I know anyone who actually does that (including myself) and to my knowledge it isn’t really enforced.


Depends on the state. Some states do not have sales tax. This is the federal gov’t overstepping it’s bounds.


This is a nightmare. Online stores are not present in a state. They shouldn’t be subject to a state’s laws if they aren’t there. If I travel out of state, I pay that state’s sales tax. Not mine. How can an exchange be in a state when the store and merchandise aren’t even in the state?

Which state’s sales tax will I be paying? Mine? What if I lie about where I am, or my ISP is showing I live somewhere else than I do? What about county and town sales tax?

What if someone outside the country buys from an online store? Should the online store have to recognize foreign laws as well, even if the online store is managed entirely within the United States?


True, true I forgot about it, never actually been to a sales tax free state. Also I don’t think the feds are overstepping their bounds on this one, feds have pretty broad taxing power constitutionally speaking…plus I’d say the internet is counts as interstate commerce…feds can make perfectly bad/stupid decisions ***within ***the bounds of the Constitution.
Though if it is unconstutuional can’t say I’d complain, SCTOUS could strike it down.


Already paying it here in Texas but as stated abouve it is the Federal Goobernment over stepping its bounds… again.


Do sales taxes get applied to Mail Order items under the same conditions? No physical store in the state with no sales tax? No physical store in a state with a sales tax, I can see, and it is law in several states like mine. But what we have is a state law. We don’t need a federal law on top of it.


Exactly! What this is is lawmakers passing a broad brush law that they know would never get passed in their states.

I am glad to see me Senators either vote no or did not vote.


Of course we don’t, never said it was a good idea, just that I think it’s allowed under the constitution.
This article describes the law a little bit without going through 14 pages of legal jargon: What would an online sales tax mean for you? | Fox News

Fun fact: Congress tried passing a National Sales Tax way back in the early 1930s, pissed a lot of people off.


Such a sales tax is much more possible today.


What are you talking about?


Just asked Portman if he and Obama went to the same economics teacher. Expecting the form letter reply in 3-5 days.


You think this sales tax is bad just wait. I hope the House votes it down.


David Vitter voted against it. I like Dave, for his few faults, he’s been very good.


Right-ee-o. And last I looked, all bills generating revenue were to start in the House of Reps.


It did the senate just moved theirs along faster

The house bill was introduced in Feb while the senate bill didnt get introduced until April

Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 (H.R. 684) -


But it’s still a bill introduced in the senate - it is not the one introduced in the house.


They are identical