Senate Votes To Affirm Constitutionality Of Trying A Former President

good news. it’s been good news since November

The Senate on Tuesday affirmed the constitutionality of Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial over the objections of his legal team, which contended that moving forward with the proceedings would be unconstitutional.

Six Republicans joined every Democrat in voting to sustain the trial.

The trial opened shortly after noon with a graphic and emotional video shown by House impeachment managers of the assault on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 that resulted in the deaths of five people, including a Capitol Police officer. The 13-minute video montage was spliced with statements from Trump before and during the riot urging his supporters to “fight” to overturn the certification of the 2020 election in Congress.

House impeachment managers then argued on behalf of the constitutionality of holding an impeachment trial for a former president. They pointed to previous Senate trials of former government officials and warned that not holding Trump accountable in this case would set a precedent for future presidents to commit high crimes and misdemeanors at the very end of their term and escape consequences.

“You don’t need to be a constitutional scholar to know the argument President Trump asks you to adopt is not just wrong, it’s dangerous,” Rep. Joe Neguse (D-Colo.) said, adding: “There is no January exception to the impeachment power, that presidents can’t commit grave offenses in their final days and escape any congressional response.”

Trump lawyer David Schoen, meanwhile, argued that “only a sitting president may be impeached, convicted and removed.”

“Presidents are impeachable because presidents are removable. Former presidents are not,” Schoen added.

But the House impeached Trump while he was still president. Moreover, the Senate in the late 19th century held a trial for William W. Belknap, a corrupt Secretary of War, after he had already resigned. Trump’s lawyers did not address those two points in their opening arguments on Tuesday.

Scores of constitutional scholars have sided with the House managers on the question of trying a former president, including conservative lawyer Chuck Cooper.

If I ran this forum you would be out the door so quickly that you would have to return to gather your socks!

It is obvious that you do nothing other than troll and irritate folks who actually care about what is happening to our country!

If this $#it is allowed, any civilian (conservative, flag waving, constitution loving Republican) running for congress will be scrutinized, “investigated” and impeached for whatever the communist/democrat party deems “a constitutional violation!”

No patriot will ever be able to run for office again!

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the F your feeling folks from 4 years ago sure have gotten soft.

“No patriot will run again.”

That’s the whole idea. Only professional politicians, who have never earned a dime in the private sector, and are socialists like AOC and Bernie Sanders need apply.

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Don’t you live off of SS and Medicare? Didn’t Bernie make a bunch of money in the private sector?

No, Bernie did not make a lot of money in the private sector unless you count paying a large part of your campaign contributions to family members as “the private sector.”

As for you comment about collecting Social Security and Medicare, when you have paid thousands of dollars in FICA taxes each year for over 40 years, it’s not welfare. Add to that the taxes my employors paid, which economists say would have been paid to me, you have quite a tidy sum, well into 6 figures, plus interest.

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Sanders made millions writing books. You should do actual research

Three books totaling 250,000 copies sold is NOT a best selling author. $1.7m for 250,000 copies sold sounds like a massive advance (money laundering) for something that resulted in a flop.

It’s one thing to write a book. It’s another thing to have sales that are really campaign contributions
(Book deals are payoffs to politicians.)

The huge book advances have become almost routine on the left. It’s how the left ensures that its leadership elites are made wealthy. There’s an unavoidable whiff of corruption around it.

Fraud runs in the family. His wife does bank fraud - Bernie does political fraud, with his agreement to support Hillary (who represented so many things he was campaigning against and who had defrauded him in the Democrat primaries).

If Bernie were for real, he would never have agreed to betray his supporters, who believed in him, and support Hillary, in return for an airplane and a third house.

Bernie is a greedy grifter who will do and say anything to advance what he perceives to be his interests.

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Bernie Sanders used campaign funds to procure media-buying services from a consulting company founded and operated by his wife and her children…an LLC called Sanders and Driscoll, a for-profit company run by Jane, daughter Carina, and son David out of the Sanders family home.

As Mayor, Sanders appointed his wife to an unpaid position. Against the city council’s objections, he later put Jane on the payroll at taxpayers’ expense.

Jane’s role as head of Burlington College, a private school with fewer than 200 students was a function of her marriage to Sanders — then a member of the House — believing it would help the school’s fundraising endeavors.

Despite its financial difficulties, in 2009, Burlington College contracted with an unaccredited woodworking school run by Jane Sanders’ daughter, Carina Driscoll.

Over $500,000 was funneled from Burlington College to the woodworking school.

“Carina Driscoll’s school also received at least one federal grant from the US Dept of Agriculture,” Sanders had oversight over USDA’s funding as a member of the Senate Budget Committee.

Because of the way it was structured, it’s impossible to know just how much money Bernie’s wife and children made from his congressional campaign.
But critics would claim that Sanders doled out more than $150,000 to his family through the new company.

Jane also set up a media buying company…she would get paid every time candidate Sanders bought TV ads for his campaigns.

During his 2016 presidential run, the Sanders campaign funneled $82 million dollars through a mysterious media buying company run by Jane’s former colleagues known as Olde Towne Media, located in a private home in a cul de sac in Virginia.

“I don’t believe in Charity,” said Bernie Sanders while mayor of Burlington.

The biggest charity in Bernie’s life is Bernie.

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Has it become unique on the right?

Someone commented that you can’t even get a traffic ticket on the silly basis on which they impeached Trump.


Think about this: If Jesus were to run for office, the democrats would impeach him for his stances on sodomites, adulterers, thieves, murderers …

In other words … impeached by democrats on almost everything they support!

Implying Jesus would run as a republican…

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I think she’s implying him as an independent.

What were Jesus’ stances on prostitutes, thieves, adulterers and sodomites??

That’s easy:

Why would the left care about that then?

I don’t know. I was just answering your question about what Jesus’ stance on “prostitutes, thieves, adulterers and sodomites.”