Senate Winners

  • Arizona: Blake Masters, a venture capitalist who secured Trump’s endorsement and is leading the polls in the Republican primary, has been criticized for saying that “Black people, frankly” are responsible for most of the gun violence in the U.S. Other Republicans have attacked him for past comments supporting “unrestricted immigration.”
  • Georgia: Herschel Walker, the G.O.P. nominee facing Senator Raphael Warnock, acknowledged being the parent of three previously undisclosed children. Walker regularly inveighs against absentee fathers.
  • Pennsylvania: Dr. Mehmet Oz, who lived in New Jersey before announcing his Senate run, risks looking inauthentic. Oz recently misspelled the name of his new hometown on an official document.
  • Nevada: Adam Laxalt, a former state attorney general, said at a pancake breakfast last month that “Roe v. Wade was always a joke.” That’s an unpopular stance in socially liberal Nevada, where 63 percent of adults say abortion should be mostly legal.
  • Wisconsin: Senator Ron Johnson made a cameo in the Jan. 6 hearings when it emerged that, on the day of the attack, he wanted to hand-deliver a fraudulent list of electors to former Vice President Mike Pence.

It wasn’t that long ago that you said that you were sick of both parties and would support neither. Now you are a super zealot Democrat. I’m sure that Biden and company are glad to have you back in the fold.

The minute Roe V Wade hit and they hinted at banning contraception, sodomy, gay marriage all of it read the thing they literally mentioned Lawrence v Texas. I swung back to the left I will never ever ever ever trust moderation or the middle ground again. I was naive to think John Roberts could get Kavanaugh to agree to a sensible 16 weeks.

The suggested “ban on contraception and gay marriage was from a very unfortunate comment from Clarence Thomas. His context was that the court decisions were rendered under questionable legal circumstances.

I wish Thomas had not made that comment, and if he favors banning those activities, I strongly oppose his position.