Senator Filibuster Foghorn?

I wish to pass on to those that have been wondering why I have not been posting in this illustious site for the past couple years. I, as member of the Select Senate Committee on Parties:banana: (qv) have been aware for sometime that the NSA, the CIA and other subversives, have been MONITORING MY E-MAILS! :alien:
Therefore, I have kept dark and laid low to throw them off the track! It didn’t work!!! Apparently, every time I punch in “OBAMA” or “Clinton” or" L.G.B.T." on my computer, a little light goes off at NSA telling them that I am at it again!!
So, in future, I will be working in dilligence (and in Washinton,D.C.) to stymie those Yankees by using my own code, which will be apparent to all Republicans of a Conservative Nature.
Test Message: **The Emocrats-day are Bama-oays oadies-tay!

**Stay tuned for more secret messages!

Senator Filibuster Foghorn