"Four years and seven months ago, our forefathers brought forth upon this nation a new president…"
Well, so much for historical,histerical relief.

"My fellow Americans, (wait a minute…would Jeff Davis use that term?) I stand before you,at my keyboard, to bring a rebuttle to Mr.Obama’s STATE OF THE UNION (ah…) MESS.(Sorry…Freud is running rampant today) Our first order of buisness is whether SECCESSION is a viable option in this Milleneum. Personally, I is for it. I have been saving my Confederate money, because, as everyone knows,“THE SOUTH WILL WRITHE AGAIN!”.And our present presidential pain has got us writhing,for sure!
Secondly, upon seccesion, we should elect somebody of proven worth.(I, of course, am peculiarly available at my nation’s call)
Thirdly, no more fighting all over Virginia! Mr.Obama makes it quite plain that lots of guns and ammunition are in Chicago, so Illinois it is! We can succeed to Canada! (Well, we could be under one SOCIALIST STATE or another and be none the worse off)
Fourthly, and finally, we need a snappy slogan…Like “NOTHING SUCCEEDS LIKE SECCESS”.
Anyway, the state of the Confederacy is poor…but ready to be roused at the voice of a TRUE PATRIOT.

What say you?

The Senator


Nothing secedes like secession.


I support your nomination, glad you’re willing to lead, Senator.