Senile Joe

This is just sad. Its over man.

Was that video edited? No, I went and listened to the full 22min speech on CNN, he really did lose it. Though that was the only stumble.

He sure looked fragile. And there wasn’t any audience, no cheers, no clapping, nothing. They said he was in Pittsburgh, but he could just as easily have been at home in the basement.

It’s almost hilarious that he tried to say President Trump is responsible for the violence and was cheering for more violence. Sad that some people will believe him.


Biden’s speech (obviously written FOR him) finally let the cat out of the bag. “If you don’t vote for US, there will be more violence.”


I saw it all over Twitter but this forum seems to have a problem posting tweets. I could not find it on Youtube so I had to go to Bitchute. It s NOT edited, you are correct.

Rush Limbaugh spent much of his show on that yesterday. This is the new Dem tactic and NOBODY is buying it. It could be the fatal tactical error on their part.

They are all but admitting it.

Do I need to say it? You know what I say about the Democrat Party. . . . . .

The big Democrat lie is that all of the violence will end if Biden is elected. That is supposed to get the college educated suburban women to vote for him. If they think that, they are wrong.

The truth is the hardcore leftists will continue to demonstrate, riot and loot during a Democrat administration just as they are doing now. “Occupy Wall Street,” which was one of the root organizations that became Black Lives Matter, was born during the Obama administration.

These people want to destroy the system. They have, at best, a vague idea about what will replace it. They just want it gone. Controlling their violence will not be easy for any administration, but it will need to be done to preserve civilization.

The root cause is in the education system. So long as the colleges and universities are controlled by leftist radicals, the violence will continue. The people who incite mobs are college educated, and often times White. They have been indoctrinated with the concept that Marxism will fix all of humanity’s woes. History has shown us it doesn’t.

Yes, the short clips I saw on the news were tight shots of Biden from the chest up with American flags in the background. There was no cheering or any sight of enthusiasm. It was just old Joe reading a prepared speech. As you said, the footage might have been shot anywhere.

Fox News showed a long shot of what the room looked like from which Biden was speaking. It was one of those large convention rooms with the lift door wide open at the end. From the close shots, it made it look like Biden was outside. He wasn’t. The room was virtually empty with cameramen set up inside of white circles. In other words, this “public event from Pittsburgh” was a farce. It could have been held anywhere.

Back in 1969, a liberal newsman named Joe McGuinness wrote a short book, “The Selling of the President.” His target was Richard Nixon, but the message was the same. Ad men were creating an image, not a real candidate.

That’s what we have here, an image. It’s of a Democrat “moderate” who will save us from the “divisiveness of Trump” and the “the radicals in his own Democrat Party.” What we really have is a frail old man who does not have the stamina to do the job, even if he had the brains. It’s a pathetic show, and I hope that we have enough independent voters who will be able to see through it.

The Laughable Attempt by the Harris-Biden Ticket to Oppose Riots Is Months Too Late

It was with no shortage of mirth that many witnessed the whiplash change in position from Don Lemon last week. After ponderous weeks of Democrat support and warm media coverage of the protests and riots across the country CNN’s star pundit suddenly was very dire in his call for the Democrats to speak out against the violence. The craven position now revealed is that months of destruction of property and lives was acceptable for their cause. Only after Dems began seeing their support burning down was it a problem to condemn.

Lemon even cited what had him so spooked - "It’s showing up in the polling. It’s showing up in focus groups.’’ What caught his eye were a couple of the polling results that had recently come out. One national poll showed support of the protests underwater, with 50 percent showing support for the police. Another by Marquette Law School showed in Wisconsin prior support for the protests fell by 25 percent over a two-month period. It was a clear sign the riots were having a negative impact, and making this all the more jarring for Lemon and the left, that poll result was just before the Kenosha riots.

The result of this has seen both Kamala Harris, and her running mate Joe Biden, coming out this weekend with speeches calling for peace and pledging for an end of violence. They presented this newly-discovered policy as if it were a novel idea no one had previously considered. Their past positions, however, are not suddenly wiped clear from a dry-erase board, such as Kamala backing the funding of bail money accounts to free the rioters and looters who had been detained.

The primary reason the Democrats look like flailing newcomers to this is that they, and their backers in the press, are the reason that riots and protests are inextricably connected in the minds of voters. When police are called out to tamp down uprisings they are blamed as “attacking protestors” in the press. When federal agents were sent to Portland to guard the federal courthouse, Mayor Ted Wheeler accused them of instigating the violence. The press echoed this charge, despite there being two months of mayhem predating their arrival.

CNN in particular has clowned itself in just the past week by having a reporter standing in front of firebombed buildings while the chyron on screen blared the insipid claim made over the years, “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests.” With such a stable of bumblers it is hard to pick the most inane, but Chris Cillizza is forever a contender. He tried to send out a notice that Trump was lying and desperate to call the uprisings “riots.” Too bad the accompanying photo in his tweet was of a plaza completely engulfed in a conflagration.

This is why to see them all suddenly concerned over violence is risible. The dichotomy in the coverage the past few months defies their recent ability to see a negative in the result. When protestors set up an encampment in Seattle the mayor likened it to the Summer of Love, and the press described the festive nature in adoring terms; meanwhile, it was ignoring how businesses and residents in the area were subjected to all manner of assault on their community. They proclaimed to be in favor of black lives, yet ignored those POC victims who lost their lives in the protests, at a rate far exceeding those taken by police force. They deliver messages about the impacts on black communities but then acquire blind eyes when black businesses are gutted and looted, and black neighborhoods are literally crippled in the aftermath. To see this trap that the media and Democrats set for themselves you need only look at two stories concerning their prized policy talking point: guns.

In springtime there was a protest in Michigan against Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s oppressive policies locking the state down. Citizens went to the capital and sat in the rotunda, an act the media normally loves to see. Except these were protestors opposing a Democrat, and many of them sported guns on their hips in legal open-carry fashion. The media went into full outrage mode. In uniform fashion almost every report details the danger of the weapons, and that the protestors “stormed” the capitol. Not detailed - police were there to manage capacity, people filed in with orderly lines and succumbed to temperature checks prior to entrance. But, they “stormed.”

Now look at that fawning coverage in Seattle with the CHOP/CHAZ occupation. It was illegal assembly, trespassing, and a number of other violations taking place, but the most glaring was met with almost complete silence in the press. An individual named Raz Simone was a self-declared “warlord” of the occupied zone, and he was seen on video passing out guns from the trunk of his car. No explosive commentary in the media, no inciteful language to describe the danger, no condemnation on the presence of these vile weapons.

Mind you, here was someone violating a laundry list of illegal deeds involving guns - on video. The result? Before it was finally disbanded, inside the CHAZ/CHOP zone there were half a dozen shootings, and two deaths of POC individuals. The outrage in the media over this would not have disrupted a cricket. Contrast that silence with the outrage reported on the legal gun owners in Michigan, who committed no crimes.

This is why the sudden call for peace from these permissive pacifists is laughable. Not only have they fostered this violence, they have demonized the efforts to curtail it, so when they attempt to place blame on the Trump administration it is being met with chuckling knowledge. Resorting to the “mostly peaceful” dodge, and lending vocal support to the outrage has made the demonstrations and the riots conjoined. Their own words have made the riots intertwined with the protests all this time; declaring now that they wish to see them as separate entities is a shallow shift in their narrative.

It may not be a lie. If the violence is organized under the control of the Democrat party, the organizers could be directed to stop organizing it to make Biden look good. And to control the remaining freelance rioters, the restraints on the police could be removed to make Biden look good.

Isn’t it ironic that organized violence used by the Democrats bears some similarity to the organized violence used by the SA for the Nazi party, yet Democrats routinely call Nazis “right wing” and try to associate them with the Republican party.

Its organized by other groups, but is it fully - and unofficially - “endorsed” by the Dems.

It is also given cover by fake news

If the Democrats had control over the rioters, the violence in Portland would over by now. None of this is doing the Democrats any good now, and it’s started to hurt them over the past couple of weeks.

Biden made it “official” in his Pittsburgh speech. Stand down. We will see if they do.

The theory is that it’s happening on President Trump’s watch, so it’s his fault. Yes, Biden said to stand down, so he thinks he gets credit for opposing violence but he’s not the president, so it’s still President Trump’s fault. At least I think that’s what they think.

But I also think they know Biden doesn’t stand a chance, so they have to steal the election to get him in. Thus the emphasis on mail-in ballots.

Thats the NEW spin from the Democrats after they saw the riots were hurting their poll numbers.

AFTER their convention, AFTER they saw the riots were hurting their poll numbers.

That’s what they are trying to sell NOW. And coming so late in the game it is just laughable to everybody.

Thats a given.

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The Democrats are claiming that there is going to be “a RED MIRAGE” on Election Day where it will appear that President Trump has been re-elected. THEN the mail-in ballots, which will be predominately Democrat, will arrive, and the true results will show that Biden has won.

Translation: We are going to see how many votes we need to win, and then we will create more than enough votes to steal the election. After that we will go to court until the activist judges give the election to us.

Hillary Clinton laid out the strategy when she said that Biden should NEVER concede. You keep litigating in the courts until the Democrats win.


Then comes the civil war



Indeed, as senator Norm Coleman can attest, Republicans will not just sit idly by while Democrats “find” votes until they have enough to win.

Yes, the Republicans have acted like gentlemen during these incidents of contested elections while the Democrats have been thieves. That is how Democrat clown, Al Franken, made it to the Senate until he fell on the “me too movement” sword. They stole another election in Oregon years ago.

Unfortunately it’s quite likely that the Democrats will steal this presidential election too. There is talk that Minnesota will be close, and they already have the Franken experience to go along with their Post Office strategy.

It’s interesting that my iPad keeps wanting to change “Franken” into “Frankenstein.” Most appropriate.

Just looked at the video. The judge is mostly right.

The House has elected the President twice, in 1801, as the judge said, and in 1825 when John Quincy Adams won. In the 1824 election, Andrew Jackson received the most votes in the Electoral College, but he did not win a majority. According to the constitution, that was an inconclusive result and the presidential election went to the House. There, Henry Clay, who was Speaker, and who hated Jackson, arranged the election of Adams. Clay didn’t care for Adams either, but he disliked him less.

When Adams became President, he appointed Clay Secretary of State, which was considered to be a steppingstone to the presidency at that time. The Democrats labeled that as “the corrupt bargain.” That slogan became a main theme in the 1828 election.

The judge was wrong about Rutherford B. Hays. He was not elected by the House of Representatives. It’s complicated, but he was elected by a committee of nine men that were selected from the House, Senate and Supreme Court.

I wrote a published article on this election for a hobby magazine years ago. I’ll post a part of it here, if anyone is interested. I will tell you that I think that the Republicans stole that election. This was during Mark Twain’s “gilded age.”

Thats when I look for a militant group to join